Elune, an upcoming RPG for mobile, is now available for pre-registration. Developer Gamevil also revealed that the game will hit the App Store and Google Play on July 23.

Elune is coming to mobile platforms.

The game offers a journey that will take place in seven different dimensions. After selecting their own character, players will join with others to explore dungeons and battle against many enemies in combat. They will also get to collect monsters throughout the way.

With the new trailer, we could learn a bit about the gameplay and characters that players will be able to pick:

There are more than 200 Elunes (the collectible monsters). Each of them has a unique set of abilities and combat cutscenes. To make the Elunes stronger, players can train these creatures, enabling them to evolve over time. All this is just to prepare for the adventure across multiple dimensions in order to restore peace and order of the world.

Whenever engaging in a battle, players can summon a number of Elunes that can work well with each other. Each dimension comes with different battlefields, so you should be careful to select your Elunes to get the most out of their abilities.

Elune 2
Choose your favourite character and embark on a new journey.

By defeating bosses, players can earn highly valuable rewards, including Legendary Equipment. They can also take part in PvP battle to show off their skills.

Many people may feel familiar with the graphic design of Elune, which is seemingly inspired by anime. That's the same style as other titles developed by Gamevil. In addition, it looks like battles in Elune will happen in turns, not in real-time.

The game will officially come out on July 23. If you want to receive 100,000 Gold, 10 Premium Elune Summons, and 100 Aeons upon its release, head to the pre-registration page and join the party right now.

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