We are just the reflection below those neon lighting, the desire's remnants, the humiliated, and deprived. People on the top, they just shudder when thinking about sharing the air with us. But the reason for the beautiful, the insanity and the worth livingness of this world is that they just couldn't get rid of us. Look through my eyes, then perhaps you would see an entirely different world, but then, perhaps you were correct all along?

Here is the new trailer for the title:

A crazy story

Shadowplay Metropolis Foe Got Official Announcemen
It is one hell of a crazy storyline.

A plot of this title has thousands upon thousands of words. But it is not a story for bedtime. The stories in Starcity are crazy as ever. Take control of a lawless rebels band in the strange cyberpunk city, then adventure and battle around every corner of it. Starcity's underworld is the host for various informants: look for them, carry on their mission, and take control of the city.

Shadowplay Metropolis Foe Got Official Announcemen
Recruit and train your companions for challenges ahead.

The main storyline of Shadowplay features over 10 characters; each has their own unique decks and distinct personalities. Bring some companions to help you confront the challenges from those labyrinths of mind to the giant robot guards. You could do everything from storming into the office of some CEO, sneak past the guards, using your sword to slash the enemy, or just explode things up. You are the one who makes the decision.

Explore the unpredictability

Shadowplay Metropolis Foe Got Official Announcemen
The city of Star is filled with opportunities.

Exploring the city will open to you a world filled with opportunities; each of your steps will bring change to your deck. The level of unpredictability is pretty high in this title, as all events could become your cards, including battlefield wounds, hit list of gangsters, assistance from allies. Every choice you make also has a chance to become a card, which could bring victory to your opponent or you.

During the EGX this year in London, you could try out this exciting title. The event will take place at ExCeL in London on Oct 17th-20th.

The developer plans to launch Shadowplay: Metropolis Foe via Steam for PC next year.