Daedalic Entertainment - the publisher and developer of A Year of Rain has made an announcement about the release date of this RPG game. It will be heading to Steam in Early Access on Wednesday the 6th of next month.

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A Year of Rain was announced to launch on Steam this November

The settings of A Year of Rain

For the very first time this fall, you'll have chance to dive in the endless battles for surviving in A Year of Rain with your PC.

Daedalic has also revealed the story about the rough and brutal world in which the game is set. To be more specific, the world in A Year of Rain has extremely limited resources due to the desolate environment, thus, battle and wars for survival are way too common for people living there.

A Year Of Rain
The resource in this deserted world is very limited

Wars have beset the world, but these two friends (one is a paladin of the morning sun and the other is the son of a powerful noble house) has taken on their duty to bring the peacefulness back to the place.

Overall, A Year of Rain portrays the story of two friends and ways they have done to bring a better life for not only them but also for the others. Conquering the enemies while trying to collect valuable resources will be the key to the final success!

A Year Of Rain Main
The game's modes are designed to play with two players

Gameplay features

The game brings a combination of classic RPG elements and an emphasis on team play. Specifically, you'll have the best experience in A Year of Rain with another friend, as the game is developed to play as a duo. Furthermore, gamers can enjoy it either offline or online, so you can invite your friend in with a controller.

A Year Of Rain 2
A Year of Rain is the mixture of RPG and strategy game!

You have another reason to play with your friend as well, as the game's most exciting play modes - the 2v2 skirmishes and the "Against All Odds" are only playable with 2 people on the same team. All in all, this game is the most suitable one to enjoy whether you want to compete to become the most excellent player, or getting involved in a head-to-head battle with your foes.

If you still wondering how this new role-playing game is so attractive, you can enjoy the game's visuals and gameplay in the trailer below:

Again, be prepared that A Year Of Rain is coming to Steam Early Access this November. Right now, if you're excited, you can sign up for the closed beta of the game before its launch next month.