To see an RTS game with a suitable amount of micromanagement is very rare, but A Year Of Rain is definitely one of the best at doing so. It's a brand new real-time strategy game with a respectable fragment of MOBA games from Daedalic Entertainment, and the game is raining on Steam Early Access now.

Revealed back in this June, A Year Of Rain is the studio's most ambitious project that wants to replicate the success of the classic games, such as Warcraft 3. You can see how similar and different two games are through A Year Of Rain's trailer below:

The story of A Year Of Rain

A Year Of Rain takes place in a fantasy world, where resources are very limited, but there are a lot of people desperate to get them.  To be more specific, the severe environment and endless wars have tortured the land, and now everyone has to fight to live for every single day. But the more war people's make, the more damage the land will get.

Hence, people are stuck in the limbo of fighting and dying. Fortunately, in the middle of this chaos, there are two friends that want to break this loop and bring peace back to the land. A soldier of the morning sun and a son of a mighty royal clan - will this combination enough to put a stop to this endless war?

A Year Of Rain Launched Steam Early Access 5
Will the two friends rescue the land from this situation?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, A Year Of Rain is a real-time strategy game, in which you will become the leader of one in three factions. They're House Rupah, the Wild Banners and the Restless Regiment, and each of them has its distinctive elements.

For example, House Rupah is very wealthy and wants to bring civilization to the land as they rule, while the Wild Banners are on literally the opposite front, as they want to live as they've always been naturally. The last one, the Restless Regiment is the army of tribals warlords, soldiers and doesn't care about the thing that the other two called "home".

A Year Of Rain Launched Steam Early Access 8
Each of the three houses has its own different elements

The gameplay of A Year Of Rain is very similar to Warcraft 3: send minions to gather resources, build up some constructions and recruiting troops to protect and conquer the land. All constructions and units are upgradable, which will add more power to your factions.

A Year Of Rain Launched Steam Early Access 3
Send minions to collect the resources

Furthermore, this game also brings the MOBA-style characters into the land as well. They'll lead your army to the battle, and provide a brand new sky of strategies to the battles. At the beginning of every match, you can choose your suitable playstyle from the Tank, the Damage Dealer, and the Support. This role will not only give certain buffs for your hero and some exclusive abilities but also give your teammate a clearer look at what task you'll take care of in battles.

A Year Of Rain Launched Steam Early Access 6
Even the HUB reminds me of Warcraft 3

Speaking about teammate, you can also invite another friend in to help you with the conquer. This game is designed to best-played by a team of two, which gives you more time to focus on certain tasks. But if you're alone, that's not the problem, as the AI will help you deploy armies following your broad plan.

A Year Of Rain Launched Steam Early Access 7
The AI will help you build your troop if you opt to go solo

Out now for Steam Early Access

At this moment, you can try the RTS-MOBA game with the Early Access version on Steam. The developer Daedalic Entertainment is running a 20% discount on A Year Of Rain, which cuts its price to only $19.99.

If you opt to purchase this game now, you can upgrade to the full version for free when it comes out. Enjoy!