From the developer Glyph Worlds, we have the new pseudo-historical RTS title namely War Selection. It just went into Early Access on Steam for PC. It utilizes the classic game canvas of those iconic RTS titles such as AoE or Empire Earth. You send your lowly workers to gather resources, build & upgrade various units and buildings. Then go to war with the neighboring kingdom to become the winner.

Here is the Early Access trailer of War Selection, which you can have a look:

War Selection has lots of modes to enjoy

A Preview For The New War Selection Of Glyph World
It takes inspiration from RTS classics and mashed all the features up together.

This title offers lots of gameplay modes like Armageddon, Team Deathmatch, FFA, Survival, and Sandbox. However, the Campaign is still under development. 62 players could enjoy this game at the same time on a randomly generated map.

You evolve your base from the Stone Age up to the Modern Age. There are 8 Eras available; each offers its own unique gameplay experience.

A Preview For The New War Selection Of Glyph World
With different eras, and regions - you could find yourself where your calvary has to fight against tanks.

Unlike the Age of Empires series, you could change your country and culture as you evolve through different eras. At first, you choose between Asia and Europe, then West or East side of that respective culture, narrowing down to an abstract or specific country. To evolve to a new age, you will need to upgrade your units and buildings manually.

Mashed up, colorful battles

In theory, with a high number of human and AI payers at various levels in a match, the game could turn out to be quite a colorful mix-up of units. There could be units from different regions and ages in a battle. There also could be heavy tanks attack your Stone Age units.

A Preview For The New War Selection Of Glyph World
It is not a good outcome for the horses.

Moreover, the title also offers naval battles. Beginning with just tiny fishing boats but then slowly getting bigger and better with upgrades, you will get to explore the big seas.

In general, it is an excellent RTS with an exciting mix of amazing features with inspiration from classic titles in the genre.

War Selection is now free-2-play for PC via Steam.