If you are somehow in love with both the tactics elements in Mount & Blade as well and the thrilling experience from first-person shooting games, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is the title made especially for you.

The developer KK Game has officially released the game after hiding it for 20 months in Steam Early Access. In order to celebrate this launch, the developer also dropped a new trailer with real in-game footage for Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare. You can see it below:

The concept of Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare will put you in the chaos world torn by many factions, warlords and bandits fighting each other to gain complete control. You'll step in the shoes of the leader of one faction, starting from scratch to become the greatest ruler of this world.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Officially Launched 1
The world is now under the control of many factions, and you'll rise as one of them

At the beginning point of a small power with nearly zero assets, you'll have to start your own wars to gain more money. Therefore, you can use that money to build and upgrade your army and then continues fighting until you eliminate all other factions.

Head down to the frontline yourself and ascend as the greatest conqueror!

When sandbox strategy game meets an FPS

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare doesn't have a breath-taking story. In fact, it's only the background for you to understand what you're going to do in this game. However, to make up for the story's lost, this game will provide you with the most unique gaming experience ever.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Officially Launched 7
This game is more than just a first-person shooter

As I've mentioned earlier, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is the perfect blend of first-person shooting experience with tactical planning. It's basically playing Mount & Blade as an FPS, in which you'll have to command your army while diving into the battle yourself.

Let's talk about the strategic elements first. As a general yourself, you'll begin making your name from almost nothing. Through various fights, you'll gain more money, recruit more allies to your army and pillage for more resources. After that, as your army is getting stronger, you can force bandits away, defeat other factions and dominate the world.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Officially Launched 6
As the conqueror, you'll have to care about many things in your lands

That's kind of easy by words, but when you throw yourself onto the frontline, you'll see how difficult that is. The talented commander you are will have to plan the tactics before every firefight in the God view. This includes providing orders for every troop by making use of weapons and armor advantages. You can also have a little customization with the soldiers' outfit, but it's just for cosmetic purposes.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Officially Launched 4
Plan each fight beforehand from the view of God

A good leader will not only command but also show his army how to fight. Hence, you'll bring your guns and jump into the battlefield with your army as well. Shooting from the first-person perspective, you'll experience the most realistic battles in video games. You won't be able to kill 100 enemies with only a pistol, as you'll have to bring some assault rifles on your back as well.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Officially Launched 3
Equip yourself with more weapons and upgrade your stats as well

Furthermore, your enemies are not just stupid dummies waiting for you to blow their heads either. The developer has advertised that the AI in this game is "highly intelligent", to the point that they can pull out some special tactics such as flanking, encircling and even fake retreating as well.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Officially Launched 2
Your foes are very smart, and they can surprise you with some special tactics

The only way for you to win the world is by carefully planning, equipping and co-operating your troops!

Pricing and supported platforms

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare has already released its 1.0 version for PC on Steam.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Officially Launched 9
There was also a discount on its launch, but we've missed it. Sorry for this late coverage.

You can purchase the game at the price of $14.99, but if you've already bought the Early Access version, you can just upgrade for free.