The Vision is a third-person open-world project that has been in development for over four years by Justin Darlington. Using Unreal Engine 4, the title has just received a brand-new trailer and from the first look, it’s pretty damn cool! Before we dig deeper into the game, let’s have a look at the video:

Special features of The Vision

The Vision offers a massive free and ever-changing open world. At the same time, it features multi-verse as well as space travel, a quite exciting concept for a game. That being said, players have the power to travel so freely through time and space without restrictions!

The Vision
The Vision lets you travel across time and space!

However, your survival skills will be on to some challenging tests. From the Earth to deep space, anywhere you go there will be challenges waiting for you. Gather knowledge and resources about your surroundings to survive. Find yourself a shelter as well. The world in The Vision is harsh and it’s important to have a home.

The Vision
At the moment, you will be able to travel across a maximum of 3 galaxies as well as 15 distinct parallel worlds.

Generally speaking, The Vision looks quite impressive for a game with a single-person developer. The title looks stunning and the game concept surely is exciting.

Currently, Darlington is looking for team members to support him in developing this game. Of course, we all want him to finish the game and bring it to the players as soon as possible. The Vision is extremely ambitious and because of that, obstacles will be there unless Darlington has a team to back him up.

The Vision
More people joining the team means faster development and sooner release for us gamers.

All in all, please consider The Vision as a prototype of a game – what it truly is. It's amazing what Darlington has created for us so far and we all look forward to his work in the future.