As we have reported previously, the new horror third-person shooting video game Control have been officially released. Developed by Remedy Entertainment game studio, this title has all the iconic features of a video game from this studio: third-person perspective, shooting actions, cool guns, and one more powerful ability for the main character. In Control, the main character - Jesse Faden - has a crazily cool gun with up to five forms, and the telekinesis power (power to control objects by the mind).

This game takes place inside the headquarter of Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret U.S. governmental organization taking responsible for studying strange phenomena that break the laws of reality. This headquarter (called the Oldest House) just looks like a normal building in New York city, but there are few windows in the building to contain strange things inside the house. That is why normal laws of physics and reality do not apply inside the building.

Boardroom Talking With Pope 307 Min
The game Control

About Jesse Faden, she and her brother Dylan Faden experienced a strange phenomenon in the past. They found an object that opened a portal to another dimension. They both managed to close that portal together, but then his brother was taken by Federal Bureau of Control, alongside with that object to study. The game starts seventeen years after the kidnap with Jesse Faden walking in the Oldest House to find Dylan, but then she was named the new director of Federal Bureau of Control. This happens because the previous director Zachariah Trench has been mysteriously killed by his gun (called the Service Weapon).

Screenshot 1
Jesse with her Service Weapon

Jesse Faden then picks up the Service Weapon and manages to pass the tests, thus becoming the new director of Federal Bureau of Control. And now her mission is to solve the mysterious death of Zachariah Trench, push back the monsters from other dimensions (which seemingly caused the death of Zachariah Trench), and find her brother Dylan. Jesse Faden, luckily, got a lot of help from many people in the Federal Bureau of Control, such as the janitor Ahti, Emily Pope, Helen Marshall, Simon Arish, Frederick Langston, and many more.

Pope 314 Min
Emily Pope in the game

Besides the Service Weapon - an energy gun that never runs out of ammo - Jesse Faden also have a strong power of telekinesis. She can throw objects, fly, dash, shield herself in the combat thanks to her power of telekinesis. The combats in the game are made very well, as you have many ways to approach the combats. Most of the enemies have guns, but there are some types of explosive enemies. They serve as movable booms, and they trigger when they get close to you. Depending on the combat situation, you can choose your own way to approach each combat differently.

Powering Up A Generator 336 Min
Jesse using her telekinesis power

Another things to notice about the combats is your primary weapon - the Service Weapon. There are up to five modes of this gun

Grip: a standard form of Service Weapon, like a revolver. It fires single-shot damage, but it has high accuracy.

Shatter: a form like a shotgun. It fires wide blast radius but can only work in short distance.

Spin: a form like a Uzi gun. It has good rate of fire, but quite low accuracy but a higher rate of fire.

Pierce: an extremely powerful form that fires single shot like a sniper riffle. It can even penetrate through the walls of the Oldest House, which allow you to deal damage to enemies behind cover.

Charge: a form like a grenade launcher, but each time you shoot you will have to charge for quite a while. But the damage is massive.

Weapon Inventory 300 Min
Five forms of the Service Weapon

Grip form of the Service Weapon
Grip form of the Service Weapon

Shatter form of the Service Weapon
Shatter form of the Service Weapon

Spin form of the Service Weapon
Spin form of the Service Weapon

In overall, the game is great. It is still a third-person shooting game, but it manages to bring in the horror features quite well, with a cool soundtrack system and a mysterious plot. The combat of this title is quite polished as well. And this game is not too hard like Sekiro or Dark Soul, so it can fit with a lot of type of gamers. If you are looking for a game with good, mysterious plot and cool (but not too hard) combat, you should definitely try Control.