Remedy has fully revealed the combat systems featured in its upcoming thriller Control, and there are lots of tactics for players to use against the game's antagonist.

Jesse Faden - the main character of Control.

Into the game, players will engage in a battle between the main character and the Hiss - an unfriendly entity comes from another world. This force will do anything to ensure its survival while having control over the building, according to the game director Mikael Kasurinen.

The video below offers a brief look at the game fighting system. Many approaching methods could be used against enemies (like the Hiss' human captives). Players can learn the scouting routes of the enemies and then take them down separately. Or more simply, just go empty your firearms and destroy all of them with your unique abilities.

As the director of Clandestine Federal Bureau in Control, our protagonist Jesse can get her hand on specialized weapons that were not available for normal armies. She also has a transformable firearm which can turn into a wide range of weapons depending on the situation, from a revolver to a machine pistol.

Control Gun
The powerful gun of Jesse.

The gun is the best choice for Jesse, and Control developers wanted it to be a weapon of accuracy. However, according to Lead Designer Paul Ehreth, they also made that gun so appealing that players couldn't resist using it again and again.

In addition, Paul Ehreth announced that the "Tempest" will be the biggest threat to Jesse. With an ability to create a strong shield, attacks from Jesse could be easily consumed. So remember, timing is key when facing this powerful opponent. You have to plan your attacks wisely in order to win the fight.

Use your powers wisely against enemies.

Other interesting abilities of Jesse are psychic and telekinetic powers. She can summon a shield to protect herself, and even make her enemies attack each other with a skill named Seize. The Hiss should be well-aware of this powerful woman.

Control will launch on August 27 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.