Pre-order for Control is now officially available according to an announcement made by Remedy Entertainment in a brief teaser trailer prior to E3 2019, where a demo of the game will be introduced.

Remedy Reveals Their Next Game A
You can pre-order Control right now!

The newest video looks as compelling as the one released before and even looks more mysterious. The audience could imagine a little about the world where Control takes place in. There are some clues about a seemingly evil crew called the Hiss. Mentioned as “hostile” and “viral”, it seems to be a suspicious force that will appear as the title's antagonist.

The Hiss - The game’s antagonist.

The storyline of the third-person action adventure game Control will happen in a US government agency, known as the Federal Bureau of Control (or FBC). The organization's mission is seeking, containing, and studying any object that scientific law cannot be applied to. To put it simply, any unexplained phenomena. The physics-bending tower, The Oldest House, is the building FBC uses and will be the environment for the whole game.

Control 03
The Oldest House - where the game will take place.

Into the game, you will have control over Jesse Faden, the newly selected director of the FBC. With telekinetic abilities and a supernatural transforming gun, you will bear the responsibility to prevent the Hiss from getting into the world, while also trying to find the answers for your own past and mysterious abilities.

An announcement about Control was actually released at last year E3. The game seems to be a promising title according to some early previews. Control has the vibe of titles that were developed by Remedy in the past like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, but features more compelling gameplay.

Let's enjoy the teaser below and have a look at the game's stylized Brutalist appearance, along with some new characters that got captured on previous leaks.

If you want more information, you can check out this video that focused on Control's gameplay as well as its destructible surroundings. This one is for those who're interested in the game's music and sound design. Or you can learn more about Jesse’s various abilities and gun forms by clicking this link.

The release date for Control on PC, PS4, Xbox One is August 27, and you can make a pre-order right now.