PC gaming has a reputation for being the best gaming platform in the world right now. Offering better frame rates, resolution and game features in general, we can understand as to why players opt out of the consoles bandwagon. True PC gamers will agree that no satisfaction in the world can ever meet what you identify with, when building your own gaming computer from scratch.

Upgrading your GPU and playing the latest AAA titles, just finish the entire experience quite frankly. Do not even let us get started on the feeling when you add a gaming chair into the picture, that is something else entirely!

Pc Games 2021
Top PC games 2021 you must try

Today’s article will be dedicated to aiding you to pick the games that are a worthy cause for your PC gaming journey. There are many of us today that use our PC to try out all genres of gaming, including casino gaming, which consistently gets better and better each and every year. So, if that is more you, all the casino games that you can find online is the next place you need to head on out to, after reading our edit on PC games, of course.

Resident Evil Village

The first game we are suggesting as a must, is in fact the newest too. We all by now know how long Resident Evil has been around for, there is no question about its reputation and entertainment value. The question is however, is this 8th installment, actually any good?

Resident Evil Village
The graphics of Resident Evil Village never fail to impress its players.

Acting as a sequel to Resident Evil 7, you will witness amazingly good graphics, with all the gruesome imagery to catch the theme and vibe perfectly well. Set in a Romanian Village it does its job on getting you to fight for survival against the horrors of vampire zombies. While it is not necessarily the scariest out there, there is a balance and you can certainly get your zombie fix by playing this one specifically.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher is a game that just gets better as the years go by. Even after years since it first hit the PC gaming community, many were impressed with the storyline that was created and the magical realm manifested.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a worth-playing title for its intriguing storyline.

Packed with so many beautiful graphics and things to do, you will just sink in your chair for days on end, contemplating what you were playing before this. It has certainly caused a debate amongst PC gamers, with many contemplating on whether this game should take the all-time crown, or just for 2021. Suppose we will let you decide on that one.

Ghost Runner

Ghost Runner is a gamer where violent action and dystopian meet as one. It is certainly exhilarating and many can say that it isn't specifically for those with a faint heart, but nevertheless it is entertaining and certainly one that you will grow to really mould an attachment to, the more you actually play it.

Ghost Runner
Have you felt excited just by seeing the game poster?

Set in the Dharma Tower, you search for long lost remnants of humanity, and you seek vengeance against the killer that induced such chaos across the lands. Yes, you will need to kill a few people, and drastically keep building your way to the top, but what game in essence doesn't do that, really? Word of warning, as you play this game, you will be out of breath, as it does create an environment where adrenaline and game anxiety become your ultimate mood. You have to just keep going and keep the game's overall mission as your motivation! 


Control is another game that has taken the world by storm, Remedy Entertainment picked this title to create and manifest, with the absolute close attention to the details and intricacies of the storyline. Being the cinematic game that it is, you will most likely not just like it but love it. It is a game that is an example amongst all other games on the market today, due to the realistic art and visuals it presents. 

Looking for a supernatural thriller? Then you must try Control!

The aim of the game is for you to seek out your lost brother, while journeying towards the Federal Bureau of Control. Playing in the shoes of the character Jesse Faden, you most certainly mean business.

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