Age Of Empires (AoE) is a real-time strategy (RTS) game. There are many other interesting PC games like age of empires that you can enjoy the same gameplay as AoE on PC. Check out the best PC games like Age of Empires you should try in 2021 here.

What style of game is Age of Empire?

Age of Empires (AoE) is a real-time strategy game for both PCs and mobile devices. This strategy video game focuses on historical events. Each player in AoE will own a world with troops, villagers, and constructors. They can build their own empire and take their troops to conquer other empires. This interesting video game allows players to use their great strategies to win.

Age Of Empire Min Min
Age Of Empires is an interesting RTS game that you can play on both PC and mobile platforms.

Best PC games like Age of Empires

Because of the popularity of AoE, many other game developers learn the interesting gameplay of this game to make their own games. Here are the top eight PC games like Age Of Empires that you should try now.

#1. Total War: Warhammer II

It's the sequel of Warhammer developed by Creative Assembly and launched by SEGA. Players will choose one among five races, including Lizardmen, High Elves, Skaven, Dark Elves, and Tomb Kings to build their own empires.

Total War Warhammer Ii
Total War: Warhammer II has great graphics quality and interesting gameplay.

Besides, this game features many giant monsters that help buff the power of your troops. Moreover, Warhammer II is also more attractive with super beautiful graphics. You will have the best experience in many beautiful lands, such as Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and Southlands.

#2. War Selection

War Selection is another must-try PC game like AoE released in 2019. It features a lot of interesting activities, such as constructing bases, exploiting resources, and warfare. This pseudo-historical real-time strategy game is available to download on Steam. It also has excellent gameplay and beautiful graphics.

War Selection Min Min
War Selection features a lot of interesting activities and weapons of different ages.

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#3. Armies Of Exigo

This old game was released in 2004 but it's still one of the best PC games like Age Of Empires that you must try in 2021. This PC game was developed by Black Hole Entertainment and published by Cinergi Interactive. More interesting, it features the underground mode.

Armies Of Exigo
There are many kinds of armies for players to build in Armies Of Exigo.

You can build bases, fortresses, and increase your armies to protect your nation as well as conquer other nations. Players also need to exploit various materials, such as gold, gems, and woods. You can farm EXP to rank up in this game and expand your troops. There are many kinds of armies for players to build, including Empire, Beasts, and Fallen.

#4. Empire Earth 2

EE2 is another must-try RTS game released in 2005. It covers world history, from ancient to the future. This game features only 14 big countries that were also the greatest empires in the world throughout history. Each country has its own power in different fields, such as economy or military.

Empire Earth 2 Min
Empire Earth 2 covers world history, from ancient to the future.

#5. Age Of Mythology

The extended edition of AoM was published in 2014 with more advanced features. However, the main gameplay is retained. Moreover, the game developers added Titans to make the game more competitive. Age Of Mythology is one of the best PC games like AoE to play. But it features the war among mythologies instead of human history like other RTS games.

Age Of Mythology Min
Age Of Mythology is one of the best PC games like AoE to play in 2021.

This game also has the main activities of an RTS game, such as building bases, farming resources, building armies, and warfare. Gold, wood, and food are the three main resources that you need to farm in AoM. Besides, players also need to acquire Favor in different ways.

#6. Rise Of Nation

Rise Of Nation also has an extended edition in 2014. It has been one of the most interesting RTS games for PC for years. This game combines the army organization of AoE and the economy of Civilization. Moreover, it mixes both 2D and 3D engines to display terrains, units, and special effects better.

Rise Of Nation
Rise Of Nation has been one of the most interesting RTS games for PC for years.

This game cover 6000 years of human history, from the Ancient Age to the Information Age. Like modern strategies games, Rise Of Nation's campaigns does not follow the game story. Instead, single players will do tasks in different regions on the map. The real-time mode is activated when you get out of your nation.

#7. Becastled

This RTS game is about building your castle and defend it from the attack of enemies. With interesting gameplay and stunning graphics,  Players will farm materials and build their own castles. The more solid the castle is, the harder for enemies to destroy. Moreover, you also need to build strong armies to defeat enemies.

Becastled 2 Min
Becastled will bring you to a beautiful fantasy world with stunning graphics.

#8. Cossacks 3

It's also a must-try RTS game like AoE in 2021. The gameplay of Cossacks 3 still sticks to the traditional RTS gameplay with featured activities, such as building, exploiting, and training. You need to recruit workers to build the base, cutting trees, and mining gold and stone. They also contribute to building a strong economy for your nation.

Cossacks 3
The gameplay of Cossacks 3 still sticks to the traditional RTS gameplay with many activities.

Moreover, as the leader of your nation, you need to make money to pay for your armies. Besides, you also need to buy coal and iron to make guns. These advanced weapons will help you win when attacking other nations.

Those are the top eight PC games like Age of Empires that you should try now. Those real-time strategy games have exciting gameplay and stunning graphics.

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