The number of games for Android and the Android gaming community have grown tremendously in recent years. Everything indicates that this trend will continue in the future and that is why it is time to talk about one of the most epic strategy games of all time, followed by games like Age of Empire for Android.

age of empires
Age of Empires is a timeless series and will soon return with a 4th game of the franchise

Age of Empires is one of those titles that never goes out of style, the AOE community is still vigorous and the remakes and remastered versions are always giving us something to talk about. Not to mention the series will soon return with 'Age of Empires 4' in the future. So if you really love this series and love Android games, you are probably looking for games like Age of Empires for Android. Let's take a look at 5 of the best Android games like Age of Empires that can make you relive the same experience that 'Age of Empires' offers.

Games like Age of Empire for Android #1: Forge of Empires

  • Developer: InnoGames GmbH
  • Price: Free

Here's the first Android game like Age of Empires. The mechanics are very similar to those of Age of Empires. You will have to take control of a city, which means that you must manage the resources and budget to be able to grow and improve as a civilization. If you want to succeed you must do the following:

  • You will have to evolve your city in order to win more battles (from the Stone Age to the present day).
  • The development of technology is vital to create indestructible troops.
  • You will be able to exchange resources with allies.
  • Your mission is very simple, you must take over the map and loot the cities to get rewards.
  • War is not mandatory, you can negotiate to obtain the conquest of new spaces.
  • Forge of Empires, however, will make you make the occasional online purchase to continue growing and keep competing with other players.

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Games like Age of Empire for Android #2: Empire: Four Kingdoms

  • Developer: Goodgame Studios
  • Price: Free

In this game, you will have to direct the destiny of 4 different kingdoms. You will have to assume a great set of responsibilities, the administration of resources, budget, win wars and plunder the enemy. But that's not all, you will have many options at your disposal:

  • You can customize your castles as you wish.
  • Alliances are very important to winning battles.
  • You get to be a part of epic PvP battles.
  • You have to think carefully about your tactics, you will have at your disposal more than 50 units and a large arsenal of weapons.
  • There are more than 60 different buildings that provide different resources or powers.
  • The game has a live chat that is used to plan strategies with your group of allies.
  • It has very decent graphics and it is very fun.

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Games like Age of Empire for Android #3: World of Empires 2

  • Developer: Bruno Fargnoli
  • Price: Free

This is a good example of a game like Age of Empires for Android. The gameplay is quite advanced, strategically speaking, and in the game, you must protect your territory from invasion by enemy troops. To do this you will have to improve your city, evolve your troops and improve your city's defenses to prevent the invaders from breaking through. Other very important aspects of this title are the following:

  • The AI is really competitive, so if you want to win you 'll have to think clearly about every move you will execute.
  • Obtain powerful troops by combining units.
  • You can create local LAN games.
  • Or play online against players from all over the world.
  • World of Empires 2 does not have very good graphics or at least that's what we think. But when it comes to strategy, it is excellent.

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Games like Age of Empire for Android #4: DomiNations

  • Developer: Big Huge Games, Inc.
  • Price: Free

DomiNations probably feels the most similar out of all the games like Age of Empire for Android. The most important thing in this game is to build, as it is the only thing that will save you from enemy attacks. You will have to build a powerful empire that can become strong enough to wage wars. Your main allies will be resources and technology. Furthermore, this game has extremely interesting details:

  • If you want a powerful nation, you will have to join up with powerful historical leaders: Da Vinci, Catherine the Great, King Sejong, and many other historical figures.
  • The game features real historical events that are presented as goals that you must meet within a time limit.
  • Evolution is vital in DomiNations, you will start in the Stone Age and you can reach the Space Age.
  • You'll be able to build historical wonders like the Colosseum, the Egyptian Pyramids, and more.
  • The most outstanding thing about the game is it is much more about constructions than about wars, yet still remains very addictive.

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Games like Age of Empire for Android #5: Art Of War 3: Global Conflict

  • Developer: Gear Games
  • Price: Free

This strategy game has RTS gameplay elements very similar to Age of Empires, so that's great news. You must rule your city and control a large number of troops in times of war. The atmosphere of this title is very futuristic and it's quite difficult, too. The game has these other features that make it feel like a mobile AOE game in the future:

  • You will be able to carry out PvP battles online in real time.
  • The control system is RTS, and this will allow you to control each unit separately.
  • You will have many missions at your disposal in campaign mode.
  • There are two factions, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • There are a wide variety of units and buildings that fulfill different functions.
  • It coincides a bit with AOE2 because of the theme, and it is a lot of fun.

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