Whenever strategy games are mentioned, people are more inclined to think of real-time titles such as StarCraft or Age of Empires. However, turn-based strategy games have also contributed a huge part to the genre as a whole.

What’s even more awesome is, the slower, more deliberate nature of these games makes them a perfect fit for touchscreen controls. Thus, over the years, we’ve had plenty of outstanding turn-based strategy games for mobile. Below we have summed up some of the best ones for you to have a look at.

Xenowerk Tactics (Android, iOS)

Xenowerk Tactics is a sequel to the twin-stick shooter title Xenowerk from Pixelbite and it aims to turn the series toward a different direction. It’s safe to say the game achieved that goal, as it’s an incredibly solid tactical strategy game.

Taking control of a corporate-owned Private Military force, you shall have to roll up your sleeves and prepare to do some cleanup duty as an experiment has gone horribly wrong, resulting in monsters running rampant all over the place.

The gameplay involves both base development and squad management, along with tactical battles that sometimes have a more arcade-like feeling to it rather than just pure strategy. All in all, though, it’s chaotic and satisfying. There is an intense tug-of-war going on between trying to achieve your objective and trying to preserve resources, especially your veteran units. Implementing strategies that put a strong focus on finding a way out first will soon become the norm, as Xenowerk Tactics can be a very challenging game if you let your guard down. All in all, it’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the genre

Tharsis (iPad)

Tharsis 3 De18_wm
Manage a team of astronauts stranded on a damaged spaceship in Tharsis

While it’s clear that Tharsis draws heavy inspiration from dice-based board games, it's still a turn-based strategy experience at heart. Here, you’ll be in charge of a team of astronauts en route to Mars. Unfortunately, everything's gone wrong at the last minute, and so now you have to try your best to manage your surviving team members, dwindling resources, and the damaged ship so that as many people as possible can make it to the final destination. The quest for survival is a grim one, however, and sometimes that might involve sacrificing someone to provide food for the others – yes, we are talking about cannibalism here. Didn’t I mention that it’s grim?

That grimness is magnificently brought to life by an excellent 3D engine, and the app runs smoothly without any issue – which it should, considering that it’s only available for iPads. Some people might be frustrated by the fact that you need to rely on dice rolls to get, well, anything done at all, but it does contribute to the tension and feeling dread as you pray with every roll that Lady Luck smiles upon you and nothing else goes wrong with your hastily-repaired spacecraft.

Egypt: Old Kingdom (Android, iOS)

Old Kingdom Header 371a_wm
Work to bring the ancient Egypt civilization to glory

Egypt: Old Kingdom is the second entry in developer Clarus Victoria’s ancient-Egypt-themed turn-based strategy series. The original game took place in the prehistoric era of the region, while this one, as its title suggests, focuses on the 'Old Kingdom' period, which lasted from around 2500 to 2100 BC. The capital of the country back then was the city of Memphis, and it is here that players must work bring the civilization to glory. As is common in these types of games, management is the key to success, and then you also have to try and assimilate other tribes into your own – by peaceful means or otherwise.

XCOM: Enemy Within (Android, iOS)

Xcom 0442_wm
Xcom is basically the gold standard for turn-based strategy games

No list of the best mobile turn-based strategy titles would be complete without XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and if you are wondering why: It’s basically the gold standard for these types of games. In order to come out on top, you’ll need to make decisions concerning every aspect of the game, be it which units to train or what they should do in the heat of the battles.

In terms of story, the game follows a pretty standard setting with humanity being at risk and you are the only one with the power to save it. So minimalize casualties to your squad, complete the missions, and save the world one step at a time. The Enemy Within expansion offers plenty of additional content that serves to make the overall experience even better.

Farabel (Android, iOS)

Farabel 1160_wm
Farabel is one of the few games in the genre that truly manages to be unique

Since there are tons of turn-based tactics titles out there with all sorts of themes and designs, it’s not a common sight to see a game that offers a truly intriguing and clever twist, and such a game would be an attestation to the highest levels of creativity from the side of the developer.

Farabel manages to achieve that feat by having you actually begin at the end. Basically, the story kicks off with you emerging victorious at the height of your power after a long war against the Orcs. To learn what exactly happened, though, you must travel backward in time.

After every level, you’ll go back a step further, which means your forces will actually become smaller and weaker as you progress. The main story boasts 13 scenarios in total, and aside from that, you can take on daily challenges or build your own army from scratch to participate in other special modes such as Survival. All in all, despite the somewhat hefty price of $8.99 (Rs 560), the value for money is excellent here.

Euclidean Skies (iOS)

Euc Skies Best Tbs D3c3_wm
While Euclidean Skies puts a strong emphasis on puzzle-solving, it is still a turn-based strategy game at heart, and one of the best ones at that

Euclidean Land's sequel Euclidean Skies could also be classified as a puzzle game, but it possesses enough turn-based elements to earn a rightful place on this list. It is a significantly different game compared to its predecessor, which can be seen right from the visual designs. It is more aggressive and colorful, bringing the world to life in a rather unexpected but still fantastic way. The raw ambition oozing through the entire experience – while doesn’t always work – also serves to make it more compelling. Despite the fact that the game fails to retain some of the charms of Euclidean Land, it is still a must by for puzzle/strategy enthusiasts.