There are three blockbusters that will come to players this January. These upcoming PC games will be available to download soon. Just wait to play.

Hitman 3

This game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, XSX, XBO, and Stadia from January 20th, 2021. It's 2 years since Hitman 2 was released. The game sequel about the 47-year-old assassin will come to the next-generation devices. A 3-minute gameplay video released the storyline, unveiling some weapons and environmental disasters that you can use to complete story missions.

Hitman 3 Trailer
Hitman 3 will be available this January.

Then, the video also started with the scene featuring the main character assassinate his targets. Then, it also introduced some ways you can break in the spot of missions, such as hacking to unlock high-tech doors, stealing keys, or using fake ID cards. Besides, disguise is an essential skill in Hitman 3.

Stronghold: Warlords

This PC game will be released on January 26th, 2021. Stronghold is one of the most favorite strategy game series in the world. This game series has been developed since 2001 by Firefly Studios. This is one of the three interesting PC games that will come this January.

Stronghold Warlords
Stronghold is one of the most favorite strategy game series in the world.

The game publishers have released eight games of this franchise, including Stronghold: Warlords. Inspired by the world's history, this game will bring you the most realistic view of human society's development.

The Medium

This January 20th, The Medium will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. Gamers will play the role of an intermediary living between two worlds. One is the real world and the other is a product of imagination. You will explore an uninhabited hotel where a terrible accident happened many years ago.

The medium
You will walk through 2 worlds

The game also gives you a wider field of view that lets you move between the two worlds. You can also see many things that NPCs cannot. Your mission is going deeper into the virtual world to explore the unknown things and mysteries of that world.