Z War 1: The Great War of the Dead is an upcoming Lovecraftian, brutal, wave-based strategic shooter. Your squad and you have the mission to hold a position at all costs. To do so, you will need to fight against the never-ending waves of giants and ghouls, plus tentacled horrors. After getting many Indie awards, the game studio Ether Games has started a Kickstarter campaign for this title.

Here we have the trailer of Z War 1:

The main highlights of this game are those authentic weapons from WW1-era, with you in charge of the machine gun. The actual shooting is punchy and satisfying with lots of beasts for you to mow down. As you advance, you'll get access to upgrades for your machine gun, which includes muzzle booster, rate-of-fire, coolant, optics, and ammo capacity.

Gun down those monsters

Zwar1 Ios Android Screenshot Street Battle With Ta
There are artillery bombardments as well as armor and air support.

It is also necessary to equip the squad members with better weapons and equipment to get through the late-game stages. There is quite an arsenal for you to provide: helmets & armor, gas masks, ranged weapons from semi-auto to bolt-action rifles. There are also anti-tank guns, submachine guns, melee weapons, flamethrowers, and grenades.

Z War 1 will also feature ‘Classes.' As your squadmates rank up, they can get a specified class. Each of these classes features different abilities. Chaplains, grenadiers, snipers, LMG gunners, heavy weapons, and medics each all have their role.

Zwar1 Ios Android Screenshot Cthulhu Attacking
Each of these classes features different abilities.

We can also call in some help if the battle circumstance doesn't look like in your favor. There are artillery bombardments as well as armor and air support.

This title offers a real immersive experience, giving out a dread atmosphere and then suddenly turns into a frenzied panic. You could expect lots of gruesome moments, from getting swarmed by the rats, burned alive, or eaten by Cthulhu himself. Therefore you will have to pay attention to managing your members' sanity.

Kickstarter funding

Z War 1 The Great War Of The Dead Just Announced K
You could expect lots of gruesome moments, from swarmed by the rats, burned alive, eaten by the Cthulhu.

Ether Games hopes to fund the development of the game via Kickstarter. The campaign began recently, and it will run till the 31st of October. You could click here to give your support for the title.

Ether Games plan to release the game for iOS and Android platforms. In fact, you could already join the Early Access of the title here. We don't know the release window for it yet.