Lately, on September 1st, people in Poland have unanimously commemorated the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Nazi Germany onto the land of Poland. And not wanting the next generations to forget about their history, the Polish developer MS Games has introduced their new first-person shooter - Land of War: The Beginning!

This game is the first video game to fully dedicated to portraying what happened back in those sorrowful days of Poland. Here's the trailer of the game for you to catch the vibes a little bit:

About Land of War: The Beginning

I know it's no good just keeping holding onto the past, but people should not forget the efforts of our ancestors to bring peace back. Taken that idea in minds, MS Games is introducing Land of War: The Beginning with aims of reminding about one of the most horrible crimes in the history from Hitler.

Land Of War The Beginning An Upcoming Shooter Take
Land of War: The Beginning wants to bring back the sorrowful memories of Poland in World War II

Even though the outbreak of World War II in Poland is almost nowhere to be found in fiction, not mentioning video games, MS Games doesn't shy at all. This game will tell the story of the fight of Poles to defend their beloved country during Nazi German's invasion. And you're not just passively hearing it, but you are also one of it as well.

Land Of War The Beginning An Upcoming Shooter Take
You'll play as a soldier joining the conflicts himself

In this game, you'll take control of a private named Piotr Kowalski. He's trying to find a place for relocation in Mokra (a rare location where Poland have their victory), but suddenly get dragged into the conflicts between Polish and German's spies.

From there, the fates of many people and the world is lying in his hands, as he will lead the story through many historical battles scattering in Poland during the 1939-1944 periods.

Special gameplay mechanics with special features

In order to protect his country, Kowalski will have to do a lot of jobs. He'll have to drive train to break through German's blockade, fighting German panzer with the anti-panzer gun "Ur", and defend the Hel peninsula using bombs and other explosives. Not stopping from there, the Polish soldier also has to do some sabotage missions, including being a sniper and a tanker as well.

Land Of War The Beginning An Upcoming Shooter Take
There are many kinds of missions that you'll have to fulfill

In those fierce battles, the only way to help Kowalski survive is by combining the quick reflexes with tactical planning and a lucky shot.

Speaking about weapons and equipment, you'll have chances to find out many things used in the real fights between Polish and German soldiers. Furthermore, the detailed landscape of Poland in the 1939 years will also remind players why the soldiers had to fight with their blood to protect the country.

Land Of War The Beginning An Upcoming Shooter Take
The graphics in this game is stunningly beautiful

The missions are not limited to just firing all the time but vary from many kinds instead. Some require Kowalski's sniper skills, and some might demands stealthy and tactical prowess. However, most of them will reward players for rapid reactions and careful planning.

Those are the early information of Land of War: The Beginning at this moment. Nevertheless, it's a game with real historical features, so I hope that the story will remain intact. We don't see much games with sad vibes and endings out there, so Land of War: The Beginning will try it best to express the tragedy of Poland, and paying respect to the lost ones.

Land Of War The Beginning An Upcoming Shooter Take
Hopefully, the developer doesn't make any major twist to the real history

MS Games planned to release Land of War: The Beginning to PC through Steam at some times in 2020. Other platforms might get the game in the future, but no exact information is revealed.