As Tokyo Game Show 2019 is coming very close to us, many Japanese developers are trying to finish their products to introduce at some footages at the event. We've known some outstanding games to announce their attendance, such as Xuan-Yuan Sword VII.

Now, the developer Thousand Games also jumps on this bandwagon with their online shooting game - Synaptic Drive. Here's the old trailer of the game, and you can enjoy your serve before waiting for a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

About Synaptic Drive

According to the publisher Yunuo Games, Synaptic Drive is a competitive online shooter that takes the setting in a distant future world. It packs 2 players in the same arena for a one-on-one match. Players will have to utilize the weapons from three types: gun, wire, and tracker. Your objective is very clear- take your enemy down as fast as possible, and bring the blood to the cyberspace.

Synaptic Drive Brings Its Fast Paced 1v1 Shooting
Synaptic Drive is a 1v1 online shooting game

Every match is going to take place in a decently fast pace, which will put your reflexion and skills to the ultimate test. Ready to feel your blood accelerate in your vein as you track down your opponents, take a hide and choose the right time to strike.

From the official page of the game, we can say that there are a lot of body types - which not only control how your character looks but also have their own stats as well. Furthermore, there are over 100 weapons for you to choose from, and you can change it on your own will at any time (outside the matches).

Synaptic Drive Brings Its Fast Paced 1v1 Shooting
Master over 100 weapons that lie in 3 types: Gun, Wire, and Tracker

The weapons and characters are not the only interesting features in this game. In fact, I think that the arenas are the outstanding things that make Synaptic Drive amazing. There are a lot of arenas, each with some destructible environment. It will heavily affect your strategy, which requires certain knowledge to cope with.

Synaptic Drive Brings Its Fast Paced 1v1 Shooting
I don't know whether we can choose the arena or not

New trailer incoming

Yunuo Games announced that they will bring six playable demo stations of Synaptic Drive to Tokyo Game Show 2019. I don't know the exact ratio, but there will be some stations for PC, and some for Switch.

Synaptic Drive Brings Its Fast Paced 1v1 Shooting
Synaptic Drive support cross-platform matchmaking

Tokyo Game Show 2019 will last from September 12 to 15. Players feeling interested can join the event in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan to experience many fascinating title there.

Synaptic Drive will come out for Switch and PC via Steam at an unknown date.