At Gamescom 2019, NExT has revealed its upcoming shooting games with gorgeous graphics - SYNCED: Off-Planet. It has promised that this game is going to be a huge "AAA" title, and the developer is trying its best to bring the most realistic experience for gamers.

Down there is the CG trailer of SYNCED: Off-Planet at Gamescom 2019, which gives us a brief look at the start of the story. If you're feeling interested, give it a look and dive in our overview:

The story of SYNCED: Off-Planet

SYNCED: Off-Planet takes the settings of a futuristic world, where technology is very enhanced. It comes to the point that human now can upload everything that makes them a human online. Those things include one's consciousness, memories, and even their DNA structure.

Consequently, it allows people to transfer themselves to brand new bodies. However, this technology somehow got wrecked, making those human bodies become mindless and very hostile. At this point, we can call those bodies zombies, but the developer wants a fancier name - the Nanos.

Synced Off Planet Is Tencents New Triple A Online
The Nanos is out of control after the technology's failure

As the Nanos is everywhere on the planet now, Earth is no longer a safe place to live anymore. As one of the people not affected by the corruption, you must stay alive while finding a way to escape from this planet. Fortunately, there's an outer space command base called the "Ark-Shuttle" that's carrying humans.

Synced Off Planet Is Tencents New Triple A Online
Earth is no longer a safe place to live anymore

Following their aid and get to the station is the only way to survive!

About its gameplay

NExT studio is a rare one under Tencent Games focusing on games for PC and Consoles games rather than mobile games. In fact, it's a studio consisting of many veterans in making epic shooters such as Far Cry and Rainbow Six. We don't know when did Tencent obtain NExT, but it's here now, and it's introducing SYNCED: Off-Planet - its huge "AAA" title!

Speaking about its gameplay, the game features PvPvE mechanics. It's the combination of PvE - where you'll have to encounter around 1,000 Nanos on the battlefield - and PvP - in which you and 49 other players will compete to gather resources and get to the Ark-Shuttle.

Synced Off Planet Is Tencents New Triple A Online
It's the mixture between PvP and PvE

The game brings the main elements of a survival game. At first, you'll have to collect resources and construct a base to live through the day. Later on, you can get off this planet by fighting with other players, finding a ship, and fly off-planet.

Chinese media also shared a special feature in SYNCED: Off-Planet. To be more specific, as everyone on Earth was implanted by the technology, including the Nanos, players can make interactions with them. The outlet even detailed that players can command the Nanos to attack other survivors, in certain circumstances. However, those circumstances still remain unknown.

Synced Off Planet Is Tencents New Triple A Online
Players can command the Nanos to attack other players

For me, it's a bit too ambitious for an online game, as there are so many things for you to care about. However, since there's little information on how can you do that, we'll have to wait to try it to say exactly.

The game is gorgeous with Ray Tracing

SYNCED: Off-Planet will have you experience this post-apocalypse world through third-person perspective. Furthermore, NExt Studio has revealed that the game will support Ray Tracing technology, which will make the game's graphics even more beautiful.

Here's the trailer that shows us the gameplay with RTX enabled, which you can see for yourself:

To be more specific, if you play this game on an Nvidia RTX graphic cards, you can turn the Ray Tracing features on to experienced enhanced visuals.

All the lakes, puddles, wet surfaces, shiny surfaces will see a drastic improvement, as it will reflect other surrounding detail. Furthermore, the shadow also receives realistic contact hardening and softening. Just like our real-life!

Synced Off Planet Is Tencents New Triple A Online
See the differences between RTX enabled and disabled?

SYNCED: Off-Planet is coming for PC at an unknown date. Consoles support is very likely to come in the future!