From Spotted Kiwi studio, XERA: Survival has just arrived on Steam Early Access after a successful Open Alpha that lasted 5 months, attracting over 10,000 players. XERA: Survival is a shooter-looter that focuses on actions. It is a decent multiplayer title with open world PvPvE alongside a unique global gear armory, accessible in-game and any server. At the moment, it costs $19.99 (Rs 1390) in the Steam Early Access client.

XERA: Survival
From Spotted Kiwi, XERA: Survival is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99.

Here’s the Steam Early Access trailer of XERA: Survival.


XERA: Survival takes place in 2022, when the world is in complete chaos. A combat robot model became self-aware, escaped, and replicated itself on a huge scale. Now, nations are fighting for the scarce resources, using mercenaries and combatants to search the remaining XERA facilities and set up an operating base each side of the forest.

XERA: Survival
A prototype combat robot got out of control and is now threatening humans.

Gameplay overview

In XERA: Survival, players venture out and search for loots, revenge, glory, salvation and political leverage. At the same time, it’s vital to scavenge for supplies like food, water, medical supplies, weapons, and ammo. In addition, players have to craft the necessary tools to survive the unforgiving harsh environment. When the time comes, try to get your stuff back to base safe and sound.

XERA: Survival
XERA: Survival global stash.

In XERA: Survival, players can have the freedom to decide their pace of play. They can take advantage of the day/night cycle to sneak in and out, avoiding unnecessary combats and search for supplies.

Trading & PvP/PvE

Back at the home bases, players can freely trade with others. In fact, they can also store their resources in the global stash that stays persistent across global servers. On the other hand, you can choose to work alone or with three other friends.

Additionally, there are multiple PvPvE events and missions to do from the NPC back at home. And don't worry if you ever meet an untimely death, as you'll be brought straight back in the battlefield, dropping somewhere in the 4×4 km world map from a helicopter. All of your equipment will be lost, though, so don't let that become a habit.

XERA: Survival is currently available for Early Access on Steam, though no official release date is announced at the moment.