Back in May 2019, NetEase started to let players pre-register for their upcoming battle royale hit, Super Mecha Champions. Currently, the pre-registration is over and the game is out now for download in South East Asia. You'll definitely love it if you're into anime, mecha or battle royale.

Super Mecha Champions
The anime-style mecha shooter Super Mecha Champions is out now on mobiles.

Game overview

Super Mecha Champions is a unique mecha shooter that features anime-inspired characters and various mecha to summon. Whoever pre-registered for it can now receive exciting rewards as the campaign reached the 200,000 subscribers milestone in just a month.

Super Mecha Champions
A battle royale title featuring anime and mecha, what can possibly be better than this?

At the moment, there’s the First Purchase event that allows players to get Joanna for free. Simply play a game of Super Mecha Champions, and there you go, Joanna is yours! Additionally, NetEase is giving out 688 gems worth of extra rewards.

To celebrate the launch of Super Mecha Champions in the Southeast Asia region, NetEase has launched a new 3-player squad mode, in addition to the current solo & duos. Therefore, there are more options and game modes for you to enjoy the game. It’s time to invite more friends to join you and secure some more wins in Super Mecha Champions.

Battle royale, anime and mecha - a perfect combination

About the game, it’s a mix between battle royale, anime and mecha. As a result, Super Mecha Champions should attract a huge fan base for each genre. Especially, for anime fans, they will be pleased to hear the voice of Tomozaku Seki and Rina Satou. For your information, the two voice actors worked as Fate/Zero’s “Gilgamesh” and A Certain Scientific Railgun’s “Misaka Mikoto”, respectively.

Let's take a look at the gameplay trailer of the game as below:

As for now, if you’re living in the Southeast Asia region, feel free to grab Super Mecha Champions. It’s absolutely free on both the App Store and Google Play. Currently, there is no information on a global launch yet, so international players who are interested might have to wait. For more updates, follow the game’s official Facebook site.