From publisher Intragames, we’re about to receive an ultra-hyper arcade shoot-em-up title of Grand Brix Shooter. The game is arriving soon on consoles and PC this August. Here's the trailer of it:

About the developer

Intragames has long been known as the publisher of many eastern RPGs as well as the Otome visual novels. This time, gamers are in for a treat as their classic Grand Brix Shooter is making its way to PC and Nintendo Switch.

In Grand Brix Shooter, players immerse themselves in a spacecraft of the future, pointing laser and hoping to wreck waves of enemies. Whatever they’re trying to do, don’t let them and keep pointing our weapons at them is pretty much the name of the game.

Grand Brix Shooter
Get yourself a spacecraft and start blasting enemies.

For your information, Grand Brix Shooter is simply a stylized shooter with side-scrolling that likes to throw enemies at your face. Luckily, you get to choose among 14 different space crafts to use, each has unique skills and weapons just to dazzle your eyes.

In between huge boss fights, there’s the unique fusion system that totally makes things interesting. This system lets players combine their current aircraft with random units, adding an intriguing yet uncontrollable element to you.

Grand Brix Shooter
Visually, Grand Brix Shooter looks amazing!

Alongside quests, challenge modes, and many secret aircrafts, there should be many other missions to put your piloting skills to the test.

Game Features

- A unique fusion system that keeps the game interesting every now and then

- The upgrade system is there for you to collect EXP and upgrade your aircraft

- Strategic elements included: decide when to use which crafts to receive the most advantage against the enemies

Grand Brix Shooter
Upgrade your aircrafts to deal with more powerful waves of enemies.

- Secret units lie somewhere out there: they possess massive power that you would want to explore

- Challenge Mode is ON: compete with your friends for the highest score

- Online leaderboard available: show the world your way to own the game

Grand Brix Shooter
Intragame Co.m Ltd's Grand Brix Shooter is a game to keep an eye on its release.

All in all, Grand Brix Shooter should look pretty flashy!