Developer Double Damage is bringing a new space adventure shooting game to PC and consoles, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. This game is a sort-of-prequel to the Rebel Galaxy which was released in 2015, but with enhanced gameplay and graphics design.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw 2
The game is on its way to the Epic Game Store.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw brings players to a greasy, blue-collar world full of truckers, outlaws, cops, and thieves. Our main character, Juno Markev, is struggling in this filthy world. As a smuggler and an outlaw, after settling down for some time, now she has to go back to the old trail. Her ship is trashed due to an encounter, resulting in a debt to an old friend and casino owner.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
The game will drop you right into the cockpit.

Wind the clock back to 34 years prior to the event in Rebel Galaxy, the world in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is set in a series of star systems closer to the old Earth. Following the first game in the franchise, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw comes with loads of new contents and significantly enhanced combat system. The game features over 20 hours of subspace radio, white-knuckle dogfights for players to engage. Moreover, there will be brand-new side activities such as dice poker and billiards, along with many sketchy characters and missions. No one is trying to save the universe - they just want to save a couple of credits out there.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw 1
You can earn some money from side activities.

According to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw's official website, there will be a singleplayer story campaign filled with cops, lowlifes, pirates, and blue-collar folks. You can do whatever you want in this mode, including making some money. The game will also be easier to approach as Double Damage introduces a unique Autopursuit feature.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming to PC platform on August 13 as an Epic Game Store exclusive. The version for Nintendo Switch and PS4 will follow shortly after.