The more people add it to wishlist, the more the price will be cut down. That's the unique pricing strategy of 505 Games with its upcoming title - Horace.

That's more of a marketing strategy, but that's for another story. What we need to care about is how this game looks like, and you can see it in the trailer here:

About Horace

Horace is a unique puzzle-platformer from the one-man-army Paul Helman. If you haven't heard of this name, he is also the father of the Die Hard Trilogy and also Terracon. What's special about this man is that his love for Metroidvania was endless. It's to the point that he quit his own jobs to spend 7 years to make his idea come true.

Horace Steam Discount 0
Horace brings the nostalgic feelings of the classic Metroidvania titles

And that idea finally turns into Horace, which he described as “a stunning throwback to Metroidvania classics". 

Horace Steam Discount 1
Horace is the products of seven-year-long developing!

The game tells the story of the robot named Horace, finding his way to reunite with his family. And occasionally, while jumping and running through time and space, he'll also save mankind from mass destruction. It's very hard to describe how his journey will be, but I can say that it provides a wide range of experience, from puzzle solving to FPS!

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This game is the mixture of the features from many genres

You can find the specific information on the game on its Steam page. And you should do that because it might bring you the best price you could get for this masterpiece!

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You can also have chances to play the 90s' arcade games in Horace, too!

It's going to release soon, so be quick to claim your best price

The publisher 505 Games has announced that you are in full control of launch price for Horace. To be more specific, the developer will cut down the price of the game every time it meets its wishlist milestones.

Horace Steam Discount 4
505 Games allows players to decide what the launch price of Horace will be

The first mark is 1,000 people to wishlist the game, and the game price will only be $13.49 with a 10% discount. If that number is 25,000, the price will be $11.25, only accounts for 75% of the original price.

100,000 people wishlisting Horace will cut that price to $7.50, and the ultimate milestone is 400,000, results in the bottom price of only $3.75! The game will come out tomorrow, so there isn't plenty of time left!

Horace Steam Discount 5
Horace is coming out on July 18

And since wishlisting games are completely free on Steam, why hesitating? Log-in to your accounts hit that button right now, and save almost 12 bucks for other great titles in the future!