Atma is undoubtedly a great pixel-art adventure title. Get ready to meet Shaya, the Guardian of both the spirit world and the living world. Atma is the name of your lover, who calls for your help from the afterlife: he needs your help. That’s basically the whole plot of the game: you’re having a tough decision whether you should let your love be or risk balancing the two worlds and bring him back to the living.

From developer Team Atma, Atma is a great-looking adventure game published by Rubika Supinfogame.

Atma passed away and is now within the spirit world. It’s against the vows to bring him back, but Shaya has found a way to do so. “Will Shaya betray her guardian vows to reunite with her love?” You will have to step up with Shaya to see how this epic mission of her would end up.

Join the Guardian Shaya of both living and spirit worlds on a quest to resurrect her lover.


As the protagonist, you have the power to complete Atma’s will, to recollect his fragments of memory from the spirit world. That being said, Shaya has to face many obstacles and different enemies, challenge herself against the spirits to complete her quest of resurrection. Every move she makes, every challenge she risks herself, happens in a beautiful world of Atma, as you can see in the following trailer.


Visually speaking, every detail, every scene of Atma is completely magnificent and a treat to the eye. Colorful and high-resolution art with amazing animations really makes the game stands out among other pixel-art games. It’s safe to say the game looks addictive and you could be spending a lot of your hours staring at it.

It's stunning how the game looks for a pixel-art game.

At the moment, Atma is now free on PC via Steam. However, you can also get the game on, where you could support the developer by paying them any amount you want without a minimum restriction.