Lightstep Chronicles is a dark science fiction text-based game set on an alien spaceship. As the captain Cain Phoenix, you and your squad found an antique alien vessel by tracking down a strange signal. Unfortunately, your team has been captured by a crazy AI and their fate is now lying in your hand. In order to save them and yourself from this dire situation, you will need to use your negotiation skills to access many parts of the ship and communicate with the ship's AI. The game emphasizes the blurry line between human and artificial intelligence.

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Lightstep Chronicles is a sci-fi game

Lightstep Chronicles shares the same universe with the Dark Horse Comics series Lightstep with stunning futuristic visual. But don't worry, you won't have to read the comic in order to enjoy this game. The developer team only took some elements to honor the comics so Lightstep Chronicles can be totally distinctive from them. That being said, if you have read the comics, you might be able to find some pretty interesting references in the game.

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This is a text-based game where you take advantage of your negotiation skill

As for the Ligthstep comics, they tell a story about a woman named January Lee. She is a part of royal descent, the ruling class that lives in a world where a normal planet only lasts for one day. One day, she found out about the truth behind Primogenitor’s lies and got banished. She then joined forces with a Radio Pirate to decode a 1930's radio that has the ability to predict future. This is where the story of her adventure begins.

Lightstep Chronicles is developed and published by Eipix Entertainment, the creator of Lifeline: Whiteout. The game is expected to be released on Steam for PC on August 1, 2019. You can download the Demo of this game for free from here or here.