CryoFall is a new multiplayer survival RPG developed by AtomicTorch Studio and published by Daedalic. Recently opened for early access on Steam, this unique sci-fi title tasks players with surviving on an unforgiving alien world. The game has several official and community servers constantly working to host persistent worlds that can accommodate up to 200 players each.

CryoFall provides an in-depth survival experience in which players will have practically unlimited opportunities to make their own mark on their world. Each character can have multiple specializations, with which they can discover whole new ways of hunting, farming, cooking, mining, building, crafting, and trading.

CryoFall Official Teaser

There are multiple routes that you can take to achieve survival. You can choose to work with others to establish a functional society in this hostile world and try to discover its secrets, or you can be a jerk and try to take resources from others.

Whatever you choose to do, exploration will play a critical role. The worlds of CryoFall are home to numerous hidden labs to unearth, as well as exotic life forms to fight or harvest.

CryoFall - Steam Early Access trailer

Some key features of the game:

  • A detailed crafting and industrial system, which includes several activities such as oil refining or lithium extraction.

  • Farming is no less complex with complex crop growth simulation, fertilizers, and many other things to keep track off. You also have countless options when it comes to cooking as well.

Cryofall Screenshot 4
A complex farming system

  • Throughout the game, you will be able to progress through several technological stages. You start out in the primitive era, then advance to modern times, and can go all the way to a futuristic age.

  • The large number of specializations encourages interaction between players. There is also a fully functional economy system with activities like coin minting, trading, and even player-controlled vending machines.

Cryofall Screenshot 3
Many resources to trade and keep track of

  • The maps and locations are handcrafted, featuring a wide variety of environments from deserts and wastelands to tropical forests and boreal mountains. As players explore the world, they can discover some storyline elements as well.

CryoFall is currently available on Steam Early Access with a £15.99 (Rs. 1450). Regular content updates are planned for the near future and developer AtomicTorch Studio has also promised to keep expanding the game based on feedback from the community.