We have introduced you to the zombie apocalypse LifeAfter and its vast open-world gameplay. It’s true that the game makes you feel so real, forcing you to survive at any cost with the scarce resources out there. You’ll have to make your own gear, weapons as well as protective structure to keep the zombies away. However, today we will be talking about the cooperative multiplayer factor that wasn’t paid enough attention to in LifeAfter. Before hopping in, here’s a quick game trailer for you:

Share room with your buddy

A feature we would like to introduce is to be a “roommate" with your friends in-game. As the name can tell, you two will share a room (or a building) as well as a lot of resources. Your friend can help you harvest crops and cook you a meal, seems nice, right? But there’s more to discover.

You can share a room or a building with your friend. Well, don't forget to let your dog companion in!

More co-op multiplayer aspects

Players can set up or join a Private Camp as well. A Private Camp will include a Town Hall, a Furniture Shop and a Weapon Store available to use. The Camp Canteen is also there to provide free meals to members of the camp. Such camp can let up to 80 people in and it will give you an edge to survive the apocalyptic world.

However, you’ll need to work your way up to earn the rewards. An abandoned cabin is where all newcomers will live in while performing tasks given from the Bulletin Board. It can be gathering resources or joining a patrol team to inspect the camp’s safety. Earn the Honorary Citizen title from the Mayor and you’ll get to move closer towards the camp center.

Share a meal with your roommate!

To sum up...

Overall, it’s pleasantly surprised to see what LifeAfter can offer. It’s understandable why it becomes a hit overseas even before the launch of the English version. There’s so much to do in the dead world and everything’s wrapped up in the amazing customizable graphics of the game. The touchscreen control system of LifeAfter is also a big plus to the game, reminding us of the good old Rules of Survival. All these co-op aspects create such a satisfying survival gameplay for you to enjoy with your friends or even alone.

LifeAfter is free right now for both Android and iOS users. Check out their official website here for links to download. For more information, visit their official Facebook fan page here, the official Twitter page here, or the official Discord server here.