Durango: Wild Lands is a new open-world MMORPG from Nexon, which takes place in a parallel universe in which humans live alongside dinosaurs. Needless to say, these magnificent (and deadly) prehistoric beasts are the highlight here. Players will have multiple chances to encounter them on their adventures throughout this massive world.

Durango: Wild Lands - Pre-registration trailer

Of course, in order to survive in this unforgiving environment, players will have to team up with, or sometimes compete against, others. All this contributes to establishing a functional society. Durango: Wild Lands allows players to have basically complete freedom to do whatever they want. There are several professions that they can choose to pursue, from cooking or crafting to sewing, farming, gathering, and even taming dinosaurs. Naturally, all of them will require a lot of work and dedication to master.

Durango Wild Lands Screenshot 2
A rich world with dinosaurs

Durango: Wild Lands is scheduled to come out later this year on a global scale, although no specific launch date is confirmed yet by the developer. Right now, only a soft-launch version is available in certain regions like Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Note that even in these countries the game is only up on Google Play. It might take a while for it to come to the App Store.

Durango Wild Lands Screenshot 3
Explore together

Interested players from other parts of the world can also participate in pre-registration to get Durango: Wild Lands as soon as it comes out globally. Needless to say, those who pre-registered will also get some special in-game rewards. These include a package of exclusive collectible items: Paper Box, Doggy Mask, Dino Mask, Broomstick, Warp-Box, Health, and Striped Compsognathus. Additionally, Android players who pre-register on Google Play will also get 300 Warp Gems.

Durango Pre Register Bonuses
Pre-register now to earn special rewards

If you are interested in exploring the rich and perilous world of Durango: Wild Lands, don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates.