The surreal space adventure of Elea is finally coming to PlayStation 4, and it's coming very soon. The game has previously been released to Xbox One and PC through Steam. And with its launch, the game received a lot of high regards for its touching story.

Here's a little tease of the story of Elea, and you can see it with a glimpse on the gameplay:

The story of Elea

Elea tells the story in 2073, where the Earth has faced a spreading disease that turns people into psychopaths. Elea's son was also the victims of this pandemic, and Elea and her husband lived their lives with grief and self-accusation from the painful loss.

However, human has found an Earth-like planet that's in reachable distance, and that's the only hope for humankind's being. Elea's husband - Ethan and many other volunteers set off to explore that planet namely Solace, on the spaceship called Pilgrimage. But as soon as the spaceship landed on Solace, it lost its radio connection to the Earth, and the whole crew went lost.

Elea For Ps4 This September 3
The whole crew got lost as soon as the ship landed on Solace

After thirdteen years, Elea joins the exploration crew to Solace again, with her personal aims of finding her husband.

What happened to the previous expedition crew? What is waiting for Elea in the exotic planet? The game's story will tell you all, and it will be very touching and humane as it portrays the message of the meaning of life, as well as the finding solace through surrendering.

Elea For Ps4 This September 8
Can Elea find her husband?

The PS4 version of Elea received a lot of improvements

Elea first came out for Xbox One and PC via Steam on September 2018. At that time, although the game was highly rewarded by reviewers, it still remains some technical issues. And the developer - Kyodai did not sleep on their success, as it has always been hearing from the feedbacks. They also made actions too, as they continuously provide updates for the game.

And with this PS4 release, even more improvements are coming. To be more specific, this version will have over 200 additional enhancements, including bug fixes as well as gameplay and graphical tweaks.

Elea For Ps4 This September 5
The game receives over 200 tweaks

But for me, the most important updates of this release are the updates to Elea's movement speed and the change to lighting.

Elea's speed was somewhat slow in the previous versions, and that makes players feel impatient. No one likes wasting their time in useless walking, right! With this version, Elea will run fasters, which means less time running, more time exploring for you!

Elea For Ps4 This September 7
Elea will run faster with this PS4 version

And for the lighting update, it's not that important for the gameplay, but it's remarkable for the sci-fi experience. It's hard to imagine what we haven't seen before, so the lighting changes will surely improve your first-person experience while admiring the mysterious outer space scenes.

Last but not least, the Elea for PS4 features updated save system. Specifically, your process will be saved more frequently, as there're will be more checkpoints throughout the game. With that, we don't have to fear about ruining our whole efforts for unexpected deaths.

Elea For Ps4 This September 1
There will be more checkpoints scattering throughout the game

PS4 pro owners will have enhanced graphics quality

The publisher - SOEDESCO Publishing has announced that this game will be different on PS4 Pro. While the game already looks great on PS4, its graphical quality is even better in PS4 Pro.

To be more specific, PS4 Pro version of Elea will support 4k resolution (with normal PS4, it's just only 1080p). Additionally, many details such as reflections, anisotrophic filtering and shadows also receive various enhancement, which made the game even more gorgeous.

Elea For Ps4 This September 4
Elea version for PS4 Pro will support 4k resolution

When will it come out?

Elea will launch for PS4 and PS4 Pro on July 25. And if you're really concerned about this game, Steam is currently providing a 70% sale on its special promotion.

Check it out now!