BeautiFun Games is back after its latest puzzle-platformer Nihilumbra. This time, its upcoming title is Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets.

The announcement comes out with a trailer, which demonstrates the overall story of the story-driven game. You can watch it below:

Experience the job of an intern for a rude scientist

As you can infer from the game's name (that's such a needlessly long name), Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets tells the story of Professor Lupo on his Aurora Space Station. Professor Lupo is a mad scientist, wandering around the universe to collects as many alien species as possible to fill his collection. He called them "Horrible Pets".

Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets 1
That's what he says ...

But one day, the space station was attacked by an anonymous force, which set the aliens free. As a result, the harmless-looking aliens turn into the deadliest creatures and flee.

Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets 4
The space station was struck by an unknown force

Professor Lupo is planning to sell his collection at auction, so he can't let that be.

This is where you join in. You'll control the intern of the Professor, given the duty to act as bait for those hungry monsters. Accidentally, you will find the hidden secret behind Aurora Space Station and also have chances to find something about your past, too.

Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets 5
Looks how happy you are with your internship!

The game was described by the developer as a "puzzle-adventure game strongly focused on the narrative", and it lives up to its name!

There will be 100 breath-taking levels in the game. All of these levels feature "clever puzzle gameplay mechanics", and they will definitely be challenging.

Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets 6
The puzzles will not be at spoon-fed level!

In order to survive from the mouth of the ferocious aliens, you'll have to learn the habits of each type. As the aliens are scattering all over the space station, the knowledge of their habits will help you collect items and get through the levels without being eaten alive!

The developer has promised that the game will take players over 12 hours playing the games with its values. With fully English voiced characters, that will be 12 hours of enjoyment!

Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets 2
As long as you don't get eaten too much, then it's fun

Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets supports multiple controllers

The developer BeautiFun Games has announced the game for both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, they also stated that it also every control configurations. To be more specific, players can use joycons, gamepads, and tactile screen to control the Switch version of the game.

Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets 8
You can connect your Switch to TV for a better experience

For the PC version, players can choose from point-n-click gameplay with your mouses, control the intern by your keyboards and even with a Steam controller!

The game is set to release on July 11, but the developers also provide a free demo on Steam now. With the demo version, your experience will be limited to some levels, and you can unlock the full version with  $15.99 USD.

Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets 7
Head to Steam to try the free demo

I don't know how the game will be yet, so the free demo is the one for me!