Insurgency: Sandstorm is the smash-hit FPS indie title from the developer New World Interactive. As a matter of fact, players should be expecting loads of free content as Insurgency: Sandstorm will be available in the upcoming Free Weekend from Steam.

Starting from Jun 20th to the 24th this month, the Steam Free Weekend allows newcomers to join the vast current community of Insurgency: Sandstorm. Players have already been into its unique, immersive style as well as the high lethality from the game.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Steam Free Weekend
Insurgency: Sandstorm will be available in the upcoming Steam Free Weekend.

A new update has recently arrived, bringing new weapons, “Ministry” map remake as well as an arcade mode “Frenzy” that centers around zombies. The  1.3 update patch arrived at 3 pm MT /11 pm CEST just yesterday.

Detailed updates

Here are more specific changes coming into this update:

  • New weapons, attachments:
    • The QBZ-03 Chinese assault rifle as well as the TAR-21 MARS-style with red-dot optic, just for the Insurgents
    • The VHS-2 Croatian assault rifle as well as the MRO “Micro Red-Dot” optic, for the Security
  • “Ministry” – a new remake map focuses on indoors (Insurgency classic-inspired map)

More free content incoming to Insurgency: Sandstorm

Focus Home Interactive and New World Interactive have amazed the community again with the game concept in Insurgency: Sandstorm. This recent update follows the huge free content in May (with new maps, more customization options as well as a new co-operative game mode).

New World Interactive is planning to release even more free content for 2019 and 2020. Expect more modding support, more game modes, new maps and new weapons on the way. Here’s a roadmap of what’s to come in the near future via the Free Content Roadmap.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Steam Free Weekend
Free content roadmap for Insurgency: Sandstorm on PC.

All in all, don’t forget to tune in for Insurgency: Sandstorm, starting this Thursday in Steam Free Weekend. Everything is free, so let’s enjoy the game as much as you can!