At E3, there was an extremely long line of people queuing in front of a booth, and that booth was from Team Cherry. And speaking of Team Cherry - the creator behind the award-winning indie title Hollow Knights, you know that's the reason for the huge amount of people waiting.

As you expected, the sequel of Hollow Knights is coming out, and its name is Hollow Knight: Silksong!

Some footage of the new game appeared in the 19-minute-long video from Nintendo. But if that's too long for you, then let's check the announcement trailer published earlier:

Shaping up the story of the princess-protector Hornet

In Hollow Knight: Silksong, you'll play on the role of the princess-protector Hornet. If you've played through the previous Hollow Knight, you might recognize that the princess has already made her debut a challenging early boss. But this time, her story will be much more significant, as she plays the protagonist role.

Hornet is back and even deadlier!
Hornet is back and even deadlier!

Captured and brought to the strange haunted land, Hornet must fight foes, find allies and figure out the mystery of this world. As she further battles through the land, the bug princess gradually becomes the deadliest force of the kingdom.

What's new in Hollow Knight: Silksong's gameplay

It predecessors - Hollow Knight was a 2D Metroidvania platform title that received of praised for its gameplay. And with Silksong, the hypes are even more!

In this game, Hornet fights wildly different from the Silent Knight. She jumps higher, strike faster and moves smoother while comparing with the previous protagonist. Additionally, she also has a wider range of abilities, including the middle-air spear thrust that replaces the old down-slash of the Silent Knight.

The thrusing dash looks absolutely cool!
The thrusting dash looks absolutely cool!

Furthermore, players that have tried the game also reported that the princess-protector can upgrade her skills and unlock new abilities as well. In order to do that, you need to collect souls and other material to craft many powerful tools. They include weapons, traps, and mechanisms that allow you to beat even more powerful enemies.

Hornet can unlock a lot of new abilities
Hornet can unlock a lot of new abilities

However, the best improvement that Team Cherry brought to the game was the ability to immediately heal herself. The Silent Knights are only able to hold a long charge and heal one HP at a time. But when it comes to Silksong, Hornet will be able to simultaneously heal three HP units. It was very powerful, but this ability will take all of your magic power, and only when your MP bar is full.

If you have enough magic point, you can immediately heal 3 HP units
If you have enough magic point, you can immediately heal 3 HP units

For further information, you can visit its Steam page to see the whole new features that will come in Hollow Knight: Silksong.

There hasn't been any information about the game's release date yet. But as we can see the complete level of the game in E3, we won't have to wait too long to try the game.

Hollow Knight: Silksong will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC (through Steam, GOG and Humble Store).