Developer GameResort has been a notable name on the App Store for over a decade, first entertaining us with Downhill Bowling, a weird combination of bowling and downhill racing, back in 2009. The studio has published tons of other titles since then, such as the entertaining flying game Biplane – Wings of Raccoon, the puzzle/runner hybrid Adventure Beaks, the gross yet somehow so satisfying Stupid Zombies series, and many others.

Stupid Zombies
GameResort has been responsible for many interesting games on mobile

Now 10 years in, GameResort is still pushing out new games for the mobile platform, and its latest product is scheduled to launch next week. This new game is named ‘Alabama Bones’ and it tells the story of a brave adventurer wearing a leather jacket and a brown hat with a whip in hand who raids ancient ruins to collect valuable golden idols. Does all this remind you of another explorer portrayed by Harrison Ford whose name sounds oddly similar to “Alabama Jones”? Check out the game’s trailer below:

So, as you can see from the trailer, Alabama Bones is an auto-run platforming game with some puzzle elements included. You simply have to tap on your screen once to have Alabama run forward, and when he runs into a solid obstacle he’ll turn around and run in the other direction, a concept that’s quite similar to games like Wind-Up Knight.

The interesting part here is that there are plenty of “action triggers" that allow Alabama to do other things such as jump, climb ladders, crawl, shoot, and even stand still. In order to collect all the idols and make it to the exit of each level alive, you must calculate carefully when to tap on the screen to carry out these actions, and in what order.

Alabama Bones Hack
There are various "action triggers" for you to carry out different actions

This mechanic is a really nice way to integrate choice and strategy into the game while still maintaining the simple touch-based control scheme. And another thing to note is, even though the trailer has a horizontal orientation because that works better in a video, the actual game is played in portrait, which means it’s perfect to play with one hand, or even just one thumb.

08161780015572039175200 Alabama Bones Main
The actual game is played in a portrait orientation

Alabama Bones is launching next week on June 18 on both Android and iOS and is available for pre-order right now. If you are interested, don’t forget to check it out.