Solo developer Nick Culbertson, also known under the name Moby Pixel, has a knack for making mobile games with a strong focus on music. You might have heard of some of his previous releases such as the rhythm-based games Epic Orchestra or Synthwave Escape.

Now, Culbertson’s latest work, Bumpin’ Dungeon, might not exactly be a rhythm game, but it certainly has one hell of a soundtrack. In term of gameplay, this is a puzzler in which your character is put into a dungeon, and it’s your task to guide him to the exit to get to the next level.  Check out the trailer for the game below:

Obviously, if you’ve played any game of this genre before, you’ll know that things are never as easy as that.  With Bumpin’ Dungeon, you must maneuver your character to step on certain squares in order to unlock the exit before you can go through it. As a result, calculating which path to take will be key to your success. On top of that, the game also throws plenty of obstacles at you to make it more challenging, including fake tiles, spike traps, and of course, tons of enemies.

Bumpin Dungeon
Plenty of obstacles are there to prevent you from reaching your goal

If you are interested in finding out more about Bumpin’ Dungeon, there’s another trailer with commentary from the developer in which he shares the story of how he was inspired to make this game. Watch it here:

So from the trailer we can learn some pretty interesting information, such as how the main character is actually based on Culbertson’s two-year-old daughter, or how the amazing soundtrack of the game was made on Beepbox, a website that allows you to create chiptunes right from your browser. If you’re interested in trying out Bumpin’ Dungeon, then mark the 10th of July on your calendar, because that’s when the game will launch on both Android and iOS.