During the Global Game Jam event last year, a group of game developers created a puzzle game titled Buddy System in which you’d control a fleet of robots and move them around a gridded playfield with the ultimate goal of delivering each of them to its respective charging stations.

The catch was that all with each command you put in, all of the robots in the level would respond simultaneously and move forward in the direction they were facing. As a result, you’d have to think several steps ahead to make sure that all robots would eventually reach their destination.

Bewilderbots Gameplay
Bewildebots is an interesting puzzle game based on the concept of Buddy System

The concept was undoubtedly clever, and so a developer by the name of Joe Sycalik decided to go ahead and use it to make Bewildebots, which is basically a super expanded and polished version of Buddy System. Check out the trailer below to see what it’s about:

As you can probably imagine, controlling as many as 10 robots at the same time is no easy task, and Bewildebots will bring with it a whopping 300 levels for you to play through. To deliver the robots to their goals, you’ll have to deal with several kinds of floor tiles, including straight up trap holes.

There are hundreds of grid-based levels for you to play through

Bewildebots is going to be a fully premium title with a price of $3.99 (Rs 275). Of course, that means it will not include any ads or in-app purchases. Moreover, the developer has said that Bewildebots has been specifically designed to deliver a “premium experience” to mobile devices, so it is playable in both vertical and horizontal orientations, and you’ll not need more than one hand for the controls – making it a game suitable to be played on the go.

Bewildebots is scheduled to hit the App Store on the 4h of June, so if you are interested, be sure to mark the date!