What would happen if the entire world you are living in was actually designated into tons of two-dimensional layers? What would happen if every single thing that you are familiar with was laid out in the same way as a flat sheet of paper? What would happen if the only way you can put things back to the way they were is seeing them from a certain angle?

Layer Up
One of the puzzles once completed

Should you want to find out what would really happen in that situation, try out Layer Up. This is a new type of game in the puzzle genre. Layer Up challenges its players to see how good their spatial reasoning is. On top of that, they also get to enjoy a lot of magnificent artwork of stained glass while playing.

In this game, in each level, you will be presented with a variety of layers from an already separated image. All you need to do is rearrange the layers around in order to match shapes, merge colors and, of course, line up every corner. Once you have found the right angle, you can see clearly a beautiful, stunning image right in front of your eyes. Check out the short video below for a visual demonstration of what the game is about.

Layer Up is undoubtedly challenging, however, it is also extremely relaxing. For the first few levels, the images are easy enough so that everyone will be able to have fun. Nonetheless, they will definitely get increasingly complicated as you move on. Some of the images will only be designated into two layers, while others may be designated into as many as five!

Still, at the end of the day, the main goal of the game is to help players blow off some steam. The game is now available on both Google Play Store as well as App Store with a price of $1.99 (Rs 140), plus there are absolutely no advertisements or in-app purchases.