Take part in the universe of the gods with Zeus and Hercules. While the almighty Zeus is on a vacation, Hercules is at home doing what any kid would do when their parents are gone: party HARD! Well, maybe too hard as Hercules has unexpectedly broken the whole universe! Because of that, in order to restore the universe back to its original state, Hercules will need your assistance in Sync: Party Hard.

Sync: Party Hard
It's time to put the universe back together in Sync: Party Hard

Prepare yourself for a puzzle game among the most unique ones with the most unique experience ever. Hold on tight to your devices and be ready to tilt, move, rotate, shift, shake. Basically, do whatever it takes to complete puzzle by puzzle. In Sync: Party Hard, you won’t be using the usual touch controls at all, because it’s all about bending and moving! Check out the in-game trailer here for a closer look at the game.

For a typical puzzle, Sync: Party Hard will show you a living being or simply an object from this universe that is now in different pieces. To restore such thing back into its original form, you have to tilt your device to eventually align all the pieces.

However, that’s definitely not all! Some specific puzzles will need you to solve really tricky real-life maneuver. Therefore, be ready to twist hard to make it work! One more thing, it’s important to mind your speed in the game, the faster the better. If you finish a puzzle fast enough, you’ll earn yourself some cool lightning bolts to unlock more puzzles later on.

Undoubtedly, these puzzles from Sync: Party Hard will be both bending your body and bending your mind. So, if you’re seeking a unique puzzle-solving game with such unique experience, this is the game for you. Sync: Party Hard should come out on the App Store today, on Apr 27th, at the price of $1.99.