It’s obvious that the mobile gaming industry had a fruitful year in 2020 with the blossom of new users in every game genre. When it comes to mobile games, many players admit that it was a competitive world where everybody tries their best just to become the winner. However, if you’re not into defeating others and getting involved in the noob vs pro battles, here are the suggestions for No 1 noob game in India that you can completely enjoy from the very first minutes.

No 1 Noob Game In India free fire

Free Fire - No. 1 Noob Game In India

Despite being a battle royale game, Free Fire deserves to be the best game for noob players, not only in India but all around the world. To play the game, you will need to compete with 49 other players in the same battle, fighting for survival in 15 minutes. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is more entertaining and enjoyable than PUBG Mobile.

Unique features in Free Fire

In addition to that, Free Fire has a lot of unique features like character systems. A well-developed storyline and so many different modes. If you’re a newcomer, go to the training mode first to practice some basic skills if you do not want to die right after landing. After getting familiar with the game, You can give it a try with the classic mode then give it a fresh experience with ranked mode and rush hour mode.

In addition to that, you can customize your own battle by creating your own custom room and inviting friends to compete. With different modes, you’re free to enjoy the game in your own way.

Apart from the game player, Free Fire also keeps its user entertained with a lot of in-game events, luck royale and elite passes. By taking part in these events, players stand a chance of winning many valuable and exclusive rewards. This is also a reason why many noob players stick to the game for a long time.

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A popular noob game worldwide

At the moment, Free Fire has more than 50 crore downloads worldwide with more than 30 crore active users. The game which is available on the official app stores for free has received more than 7 crore reviews and 4,4/5 stars rating from users.

Despite being a competitive game, you will find Free Fire is less aggressive and intense than PUBG Mobile. In addition to that, a game only lasts for 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes so it's easier to lay back and enjoy the fight. In addition to that, as Garena has a strict policy on cheating players, you do not have to worry about facing hackers in the game.

Due to all of the given reasons, Free Fire deserves to be to number 1 noob game in India that all players should give it a try.

Other noob games in India

Apart from Free Fire, Indian users also have so many other options when it comes to noob games. Check out some suggestions for the best noob games in India as below:

Temple Run 2 Cover

1. Temple Run

While the internet is all the range for shooting games like Free Fire or PUBG Mobile, Temple Run still remains its position as the most classic noob game for Android users. In fact, the game attracts a wide range of players from children to adults with an easy game concept. However, it is also a challenging game to boost your adrenaline. With 3 chasing gorillas and a lot of plot twists, the game requires fair responsiveness and flexibility.

After being released for nearly a decade, Temple Run has crossed the threshold of 1B times (100 crore) downloads. The game also receives 4,2/5 ratings from the users.

Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride

2. Jetpack Joyride

With more than 75 crore downloads, Jetpack Joyride is also said to be one of the best noob games in the world. Being another classic side-scrolling runner, Jetpack Joyride has no ending, which makes the games compelling to many players who want to break the records of themselves and others.

Subway Surfers

3. Subway Surfer

With more than 2,7B downloads, Subway Surfer carves the niche that has the most downloaded mobile games over the last decade. To play the game, you will need to move your characters along the subway why trying to earn as many coins as possible and avoid obstacles on the way. While the game has similar merchandise as Temple Run, the game is more versatile to play even when you’re lying on the bed.

Apart from the above games, noob players can also take a look at games like Doodle Jump, Sonic Forces, or Beach Buggy Racing 2 as other well-liked games for unprofessional players.

Above is all you need to know about Free Fire the No 1 Noob game in India as well as other popular games for noob players. All of these games are entertaining yet intense and addictive so you can have a great way to unwind during free time.

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