The storyline

The boom of the mining  industry has turned New Providence into a dying colony and the first Earth-bound ship in ten years is set to leave in a month. However, things are looking desperate as only less than 1% of the population can afford a ticket home. Short after, the colony is in chaos with giant roaches, malfunctioning robots, looters and convicts running around. Despite all of that, the Mayor appears calm and doesn't act upon anything. Some call for a revolution while others exploit the situation for their own interest.

Ticket To Earth
Rose and her loved ones are fighting for tickets back to Earth.

That is the setting of Ticket to Earth. Follow Rose – the main character, an orphan whose main goal is to find a way for her and the loved ones to get off this planet. Take a quick look at the game as below:

Ticket to Earth gameplay

The main action of Ticket to Earth takes place on a puzzle tiled grid. Each tile comes in four different colors which relate to four combat powers. Purple tiles represent ranged attacks while yellow tiles are melee attacks. Red tiles mean health regeneration and mind powers are green. The more tiles you can match in your turn, the more powerful your attack will be. As the game progresses, you will have the opportunity to use credits collected to buy new powers and weapons.

Ticket to earth
Match the tiles, get explosive powers!

General overview

Ticket to Earth is a unique combination of classic RPG and modern puzzle games. It is a story-driven kind of game to satisfy any hardcore players. On the other hand, the gameplay of Ticket to Earth is simple and easy to learn so that casual players can stick around. There has obviously been a lot of time, effort and love put in to this game. Therefore, if you are in for a challenging but also fun and colorful adventure, Ticket to Earth is the game for you.

Get it now for $4.99 (Rs 345) on the App Store or Google Play Store. It is also available for PC and Steam.