Cubinet Interactive, a Southeast Asian publisher, has recently announced the release of a new game called Triple Chain. Triple Chain is a brand-new mobile game that belongs to the puzzle and strategy RPG genre. The game looks very promising, with addictive and challenging gameplay.

Triple Chain
Triple Chain is the newest title coming to mobiles from Cubinet Interactive.

About Cubinet Interactive

Commonly known as Cubizone, Cubinet Interactive is a game publisher founded back in 2006. They aim to innovate the gaming experience by bringing up a seamless online entertainment portal for everyone across the globe.

Cubinet Interactive - Triple Chain
Cubinet Interactive (Cubizone) is the publisher of Triple Chain and many other MMOs.

Cubinet has been in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines since the beginning. They made a name for themselves out of MMOs like 9Yin Age of Kungfu, MIA Online and Dragon Samurai.

Triple Chain gameplay overview

Before a worldwide launch, Triple Chain will be having its first Alpha Test on 22 April in the Southeast Asia region on Android devices. The game is a perfect combination of RPG elements and the strategy-puzzle genre.

Triple Chain
Addictive strategic puzzle RPG gameplay awaits you in Triple Chain.

Players of Triple Chain must arm their bands of heroes and embark on epic adventures through story quests and many distinct game modes. In order to achieve victory, one must build up chains to take down enemies, get rid of all obstacles progress through each challenging stage!

Triple Chain Image 2
Master your chain skills and challenge others in real-time PvP.

Key features:

  • Story mode & Maps: Triple Chain features a cool story mode that comes alongside exciting maps. Each map holds a unique story that gets more and more difficult. It’s your job to conquer challenges and quests using your squad of heroes.
  • Strategic Gameplay: It’s your job to create chains of explosive combos and high-damage attacks in a strategic way.
  • Wide selection of Heroes & Classes: you get to choose from more than 25 heroes to join your squad. Six classes are available for you to choose from: Mage, Tanker, Healer, Warrior, Specialist, Dancer, you name it! Obviously, each class specializes in different things on the battlefield.
  • Epic Boss Fights: Get ready for mighty bosses! Hunt them down for those bountiful rewards.
  • Real-Time PvP – It’s about time you climb your way to the top of the leaderboards. Also, challenge your friends and others and see who’s stronger.