Doc Grits is imprisoned in a Neon Bunker by this other bad guy named Red Hawk, who wants to force him to make deadly contraptions. Instead, Grits manages to build a robot team to help him escape. They almost make it out but never actually succeed. However, with your assistance, things might be different from many attempts in the past.

That is the story of Synthwave Escape. Take a quick look at the game in a preview video right below:

Synthwave Escape is a Puzzle Platformer game, having its soundtrack & aesthetic inspired by the synthwave music style from the 80s. Players will be in control of Doc Grits’ robots and it is possible to switch between them at any time. Use the Escape Bots' skills together in the all-new 2D puzzle-platforming adventure to escape this Synthwave labyrinth. Overcome challenges, solve tricky puzzles is your way to victory.

Synthwave Escape 1 696x398
The blue robot can jump really high.

The 2 mentioned robots have unique skills of their own. The red one can rush ahead by dashing through at the speed of light while the blue one is able to jump extremely high. Here in this Neon Bunker, deadly traps are everywhere. To master the art of switching between those two robots is to take closer steps towards achieving the main objective. And you’ll never know, maybe Doc Grits is on his way to make even more robots as you progress in the game.

Synthwave Escape 2 690x388
Meanwhile, the red robot can dash forward with light speeds.

Last but not least, the bumpin’ soundtracks makes this a classic synthwave game! It is highly vital for you to play this game with your headphones on, simply because the tracks are absolutely amazing. The game includes all of the following features:

  • 60 Levels of Retro Rhythm Puzzle
  • 8 Brand new Synthwave Tracks
  • 4 Unique Robots with Extraordinary Physics
  • 1 Most Remarkable Robot Storyline
  • Plenty of Dad Jokes

Synthwave Escape is now available for both iOS and Android users.