From the first Season update of Apex Legends, we have seen some major updates to optimize the game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. But come with this update is also a cap on the game's FPS at 144 max on PC.If you are an Apex Legends players and you are using your high-end PC to play this game. You also have a fairly strong GPU, we recommend that you try the settings below to maximize your FPS. But still there is a cap of 144 FPS as your max limit, we will need to wait for Respawn Entertainment to fix this in the game.

Advised setting for PC's Apex to improve the FPS

To reach a high FPS, you don't really need to turn all the graphics setting to the bottom. Mainly because maybe that could help in increasing the FPS but the trade back in many gameplay drawbacks.

Certain settings on your PC will have more impact on your FPS than the others. Therefore, you need to target these high-impacted targets. Those will allow you to increase the quality of others while keeping an optimum frame rate.

Apex Legends This Is How You Improve Fps Of The Ga

As an example, those settings like 'Volumetric Lighting' and 'Ambient Occlusion Quality' could really put a load on your GPU, therefore turn off or switch them to low is advised.

In the meanwhile, you should keep the settings like Texture Filtering, Impact Marks and Anti-Aliasing on a high level. Like that you could make maintaining a good gaming experience.

Steps to remove the FPS cap after when Respawn fix it

In case that you have very high spec GPU, you could be able to go past the 144 FPS cap on PC Apec Legends, maybe with 1080p and with the setting above

But with the update of Season 1, Respawn has confirmed that they accidentally created a cap for at FPS 144. Which means if you have a higher frame rate monitor (240Hz) and a powerful GPU like GTX 1080/1080i, you may miss out on major performance.

A fix for this bug will come out soon as promised by Respawn. When they have released it, follow this instruction to remove the 144 FPS cap.

Apex Legends This Is How You Improve Fps Of The Ga

According to an official sub-Reddit of Apex Legends, the Community Manager of Respawn has said that the company is working on the bug. The target is to set the frame rate cap at 300, not 144. And that they will keep us updated later on.

Apex Legends This Is How You Improve Fps Of The Ga

Show FPS counter on PC's Apex Legends

In case that you want to monitor your Apex's FPS in real time, here are some methods.

First is using a third-party application. Like if you use a GPU from Nvidia, then you could open the included 'hud' by pressing Alt+Z and then find it in settings.

Second, you could use the FPS counter of Origin. Just go to settings in Origin, choose "in-game settings" and choose where you want to put the counter.