The Zelda-inspired title Sparklite is coming to PC and Consoles! That's the official announcement from the game's publisher Merge Games and the developer Red Blue Games.

While you're still wondering how the game looks like, here's the teaser trailer for you:

The story of Sparklite

The story of Sparklite takes place in the world of Geodia, where it plays an irreplaceable role. In this world, Sparklite is the "life force of the planet", and it's the power that holds the world together. Living for generations in Geodia, people have learned how to make use of this element in their daily life.

Using Sparklite sustainably is the best way to gain advantages from this power. However, not everyone is satisfied with this usage level.

The land's self-labeled "Baron" has expanded his overall use of Sparklite in order to satisfy his demand - make enough energy for his war machines.

Sparklite Heading To Pc And Consoles This October
The Baron has planted a lot of rigs to collect Sparklite

He mines Sparklite on a large scale without acknowledging the consequences. As a result, the world is polluted from the emission from Sparklite over-exploitation. This emission caused animals to transform into hostile monsters, as well as spoiling the land.

Amidst the disaster, you'll take on the role of Ada - a "plucky mechanic" to stop the Baron from further destroy the land. She'll have to fight through totally five biomes to reach the Sparklite core where the Baron is hiding.

Sparklite Heading To Pc And Consoles This October
Meet Ada - the "plucky mechanic"

However, the Baron won't let her get through that easily. Ada will have to fight against the Baron's minions, not by swords and shields, but by her mechanic talents. She can create a wide range of gadgets that provide her with capabilities to solve the puzzles and outsmart the enemies.

Sparklite Heading To Pc And Consoles This October
Using gadgets to stop the Baron's plot!

On her way, Ada can also rely on the Geodia’s weird and wonderful inhabitants called "The Refuge".

Will she be able to stop the Baron's wicked plan before it's too late? Let's play the game to find out!

A brief overview of the gameplay

Previously, we've provided you with many details and information on Sparklite's gameplay in this article. However, if you're too lazy to read it, here's our brief summary.

The game is basically a 16-bit hack-n-slash game with the theme of a fantasy world. Ada will be equipped with both a melee weapon and a gun, heading down to the Digsites.

Down there, you'll encounter a wide array of enemies, which you can take them down by slashing them or just shooting them from the distance. But remember, your gun will run out of energy, and the best way to recharge it is to hit the minions with your melee weapon. So there's no low-risk, high-reward play style for you!

Sparklite Heading To Pc And Consoles This October
Suitable use of both weapons is vital.

Furthermore, the things that separate the game from Zelda is how the game changes when you died. As soon as you're knocked down, you'll be taken back onto the airship. That's the point where you can upgrade your weapons, and crafting new gadgets.

Sparklite Heading To Pc And Consoles This October
I still don't know how can a fainted one get onto an airship ...

But don't feel easy yet, because if you died progressing through the Digsites, your mission there will end, and your tasks will move to other locations. Although you can still see it on the map, it's still considered as a fail.

And no one wants a fail on their records!

The game comes with a Signature Edition

Apart from the normal edition, gamers can purchase the Signature Edition, which consists of fascinating side stuff. This edition will include:

- A region free copy of Sparklite
- Signature Edition Sleeve and Box
- Original CD Soundtrack
- Nano Block Figure
- Numbered Certificate

Although these bonus things don't have any effects on the game, they're still great merch that will remind you about the game in the future.

Sparklite Heading To Pc And Consoles This October
Here's what you will have with the Signature Edition

Sparklite will head to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam this October. However, this edition will be available for pre-order this Friday!