Minecraft has been a big deal in the gaming scene for around a decade now. Recently, at E3 2019, Mojang has announced the next project of this "best-selling title of all time", Minecraft Dungeons.

An action-RPG Minecraft title

Minecraft Dungeons
An action RPG Minecraft game, who would have thought of that?

Unlike the traditional focal point of exploration and crafting, the upcoming Minecraft title will emphasize action RPG. You and up to three others will be exploring nine different levels to search for treasures and defeat Arch-Illager. However, it’s the unprecedented freedom on how to play the game that makes Minecraft Dungeons truly special.

Important features in Minecraft Dungeons


To begin with, there are no classes, just armor types. Each player will wield themselves with two weapons, a melee and a ranged one.

In addition, there are familiars like bats and wolves to fight alongside you. Also, it’s possible to swap out armors within the game to focus on healing or ranged duties rather than tanking damage. That being said, players can totally adjust the playstyle to their favor.

Minecraft Dungeons
A unique blocky Minecraft title that you have never played before.

Weapon-armor combination

Furthermore, you can combine any weapon and armor together to make a fighting set. The status effects like poison, lightning or fire will stick to a particular weapon, so there are no skills unlocking or talents tree to worry about.

After defeating the mobs, you’ll receive drops with random supplies and weapons. They come in common, rare as well as unique rarity, improving different stats.

Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons, where you and your three other friends can fight alongside each other in the Minecraft theme.

Level flexibility

Another amazing thing in the gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons is the flexibility in the levels. According to David Nisshagen, Mojang’s executive producer, health and damage will scale nicely in Dungeons. Lower-level players can play alongside their higher-level friends and survive, instead of straight dying from the beginning.

At the same time, it’s also very simple to establish a gaming party. You can join a group in the dungeon already or create one from the lobby.

Minecraft Dungeons
Thanks to the flexibility in dungeon levels, you can now join your highly-skilled friends in high levels

In summary

For your information, Minecraft Dungeons is coming out in Spring 2020, on major platforms like PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass. The approximate retail price should be somewhere between $20-$30 for the Hero Edition.