Minecraft’s 2018 fan event named MineCon is the last fan event of Minecraft. In contrast to previous years’ MineCons which were conventions held in many days, this year event was a virtual one live-streamed and archived on YouTube. In this year MineCon fan event, the game developers Mojang have announced that they are going to release a new Minecraft spin-off game in the next year.

New Sequel Of Minecraft: Dungeons To Be Released In 2019

This upcoming sequel will bring a brand new dungeon crawler game into the famous blocky world of Minecraft. Monsters will be added in the spin-off, challenge the group of 4 players to walk through the classic Minecraft’s levels. Players, as in other dungeon crawler games, will be able to loot items and weapons during each level’s play.

Minecraft Dungeons

Talking about their new sequel, a chief creative officer of Mojang Jens Bergensten said that Minecraft: Dungeons will be kept the Minecraft’s classic combat mechanics and added several new things to become an adventure game such as environment to explore, treasures and valuable items to find as well as monsters to fight. It sounds cool and worth to be looked forward to, despite the doubt of Minecraft players when they look back into the current Minecraft’s combat mechanics, which are not impressed much. They believe in the developers of the biggest game in the world, the legend Minecraft.

A completely new playing environment is promised to bring a new attraction to the classic Minecraft’s players through the levels and fights against new bosses and monsters. Scheduled to launch in 2019, Minecraft: Dungeon is still not claimed to be released on a specific version of Windows. Developers of the game Mojang has only spoken of the game being launched on ‘PC’. It might be because of the limits Microsoft has put on Mojang compared to other studios, especially when they have already bought the Swedish video game developer since the year 2014.

In the past, Minecraft’s developers have once created a story sequel which was divided into many parts by Telltale in their Minecraft: Story Mode. On the other hand, 2018 was not a good year for Telltale. The studio has laid off almost all of their staff, only kept 25 employees because of several management issues and innovation creating struggles. Despite its developer’s bad scenario, Netflix is still considering to convert the game Minecraft: Story Mode to a magical interactive movie on their channel.