Minecraft Earth is no ordinary AR Game that only took place in the virtual world. It actually allows you to build and explore in the real world!

Watch the official reveal trailer here:

Minecraft Earth is going to be huge

Augmented Reality is very far from reaching its ultimate potential. However, there are still big names out there that dominate others, such as Pokemon Go and the upcoming Wizard Unites inspired by Harry Potter’s world. And if Microsoft wants to compete with such major players, they would have to do something unique.

And they introduced Minecraft Earth! The latest trailer has been released, unveiling a lot of potentials that the other games can’t still make it.

Minecraft Earth introducing new digital playground for every player to join in and interact
Minecraft Earth introducing new digital playground for every player to join in and interact

Mocking “that game”, Minecraft Earth's game director Torfi Olafsson has stated that Minecraft Earth will not brand itself as an AR game with only 2% of real-life getting into the game. He further explained his goal with Minecraft Earth is allowing people to play the game in the augmented world through your phone and enjoy the real-world locations like parks, cities, and so on.

Hello, nice to meet you, my pixel fellows!
Hello, nice to meet you, my pixel fellows!

Minecraft Earth will not stop only on encountering blocks and animals while holding your phone and wandering around the streets. It took a step further, and make your AR experience not only available to you but also to other players nearby.

For example, you can build your stuff with your phone, and then drop it on the playground for everyone in the same location to admire your works.

How cool would that be to show your efforts to the world!
How cool would that be to show your efforts to the world!

If that scenario is possible, the game will change the definition of AR games from a single-person experience to multiplayer interactions. In other words, it will bring the breath of life into the virtual world. Just imagine pointing your phone to a high building, and see an even taller building standing next to it, or enjoying your Spicy Wings while seeing chickens tilting their heads in front of you.

"What are you even looking at?"

We can know for sure that the game will have the popular features of an AR game. You can collect some “tapables” likes animals, regular blocks or stones scattering all over the world to build your works.

However, if you want to find some rare materials such as diamonds, you’ll have to join the “adventures” – a separate layers of the world where you’ll dig further below like the original Minecraft world, and experience a kind of quest system which will give you some rewards.

Suddenly, the sky is the limit!

Release date and requirements

While the official release date of the game has not been revealed yet, the closed beta version is available for registration.

Players who want to take part in the testing process of the game must have a phone (obviously) that runs on Android 7 or iOS 10 or higher, a Microsoft or Xbox Live account and some other things.

Those are chosen will earn rewards containing free skin and Minecraft Bedrock, as well as the chance to be one of the first players to try such a promising game.

Don't miss your chance, and head to Minecraft Earth official hub for more details!