Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is soaring in popularity. And Niantic is taking advantages of that trend and providing players with microtransactions. And maybe the purchase that receives the most interest is the one that allows wizards to customize their avatars.

It is called the "selfie avatar"

After various teases and trailer about the game, Harry Potter - Wizards Unite, the Pokemon Go-liked title that took the inspiration from the magical world of Harry Potter, is finally out. With the success of Pokemon Go and the reputation of J.K. Rowling's franchise, the fact that the game attracted a lot of players is very reasonable.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Microtransactions Let Y
The game has a lot of potentials

And the Niantic is quick to make use of the game's increasing reputation. Recently, the maker has explained their upcoming microtransactions called the "selfie avatar". To be more specific, this purchase allows players to customize the images and videos of their characters.

Revealing how this feature will work, Jonathan Knights - the publisher Warner Bros' head - has clarified the "selfie avatar" is actually a character creation area. It allows players to change their images by putting various filters on your characters. It isn't clear how many customizations will the game provides, but Knights has teased some of them, including Hagrid's beard and Luna Lovegood's glasses.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Microtransactions Let Y
Equip yourself with uncle Hagrid's thick beard!

Furthermore, the Ravenclaw scarf will be an available accessory as well! Previously, Niantic has affirmed that houses of Hogwarts are not that significantly important. However, with that beautiful scarf coming to the game, you should think very carefully before choosing your houses!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Microtransactions Let Y
Players don't want to miss that beautiful scarf!

After all, no one wants their avatars to be out-of-theme with the Harry Potter world!

You can unlock the items by grinding Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

After making the best avatar for yourself, the game will store it in accordance with your Ministry of Magic's identity card. It's similar to your identity card in real life, except for showing your Hogwarts houses and your character class.

If you're the kind of player that not willing to purchase in-game payment, here is a good news for you. All of the items that you can use to customize your character can be achieved through playing. As you make progress with the game, you can have chances to unlock those items!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Microtransactions Let Y
Grind more, get more!

But paid users wouldn't have to worry. You can be the first one to show-off your in-game cosmetics with Niantic's speed-up purchase. Specifically, the game will allow players to use real money to buy gold coins from Gringott's Bank. Those coins can be later used to purchase the boost that speeds up the items unlocking process. Apart from that, others boost that gives you Spell Energy, potions, gold, and Dark detectors are all purchasable as well.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Microtransactions Let Y
Get the headstart in the game with the boost kits

In recent situations with the lack of Spell Energy, these boosting kits will be vital for anyone, especially wizards that want to experience the game unlimitedly!

Niantic can make huge profits with those microtransactions

After pre-testing the game in Australia and New Zealand, the game has successfully aroused the curiosity from global's players. With that, it is not surprising that the game immediately became very popular at its launch.

Consequently, the microtransactions will be a great mean to make money for Niantic. With the price of minimum $0.99 for 80 pieces of gold, and the whole 12,000 gold in a $100 package, Niantic could potentially make a bank!

This vision is not far from reach at all. Considering previous cases, such as Pokemon Go has gained total revenue of over $1.2 billion after 3 years of release, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery - another title with the same theme, has made over $100 million, it is safe to say that the game's success has just begun!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Microtransactions Let Y
Pokemon Go is making a lot of money

The Augmented Reality game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has come to the public in certain regions. It supports both iOS and Android devices, and will keep coming to other countries in the future!