After waiting a year of testing, we finally received the good news. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite scheduled to release this Friday, June 21. This news was informed by Niantic - during a press event at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

The developer also gave us an announce trailer as well, which demonstrates a little part from the gameplay. You can see it below:

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is coming worldwide, start with the United States and UK

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the new magic from Niantic - the creator of the famous title Pokemon Go. It's a GPS-centric AR mobile title that takes the setting from J.K. Rowling magical world.

The game was previously at the beta state in only Australia and New Zealand, and global fans are desperate to try the game in action. And Niantic will release the game officially for US and UK's fans, followed by other countries one-by-one.

Other regions still have to wait for a little bit
Other regions still have to wait for a little bit

In the game, you will be an apprentice wizard, joining the special magical force called Statute of Secrecy Task Force - or SOS Task Force. You'll join hands with other wizards to solve the mystery behind the "Calamity" - a magical event that are taking places all over the Muggles' world.

In order to stop the disaster, you'll have to find the scattered artifacts and send them back to the magical world. But things are not easy, as there will be a lot of evil creatures trying to stop you. They include Death Eaters, Werewolves and other mighty ones that are very dangerous, especially for an apprentice.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Spreads The Call For Al
"Expecto Patronum"

As a result, teamwork will be very crucial, and you'll need to work with other wizards to handle those creatures.

What's new from the trailer?

We've already known that in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you will get the experience of a GPS-centric game. Explore the magical world while wandering in real life with your phone in hands, fighting evil creatures, and encountering your beloved characters from Harry Potter. Those features are already mentioned in our previous articles on the game, so be sure to check it!

Harry Potter Wizards Unit Preview 1000x563
Meet Ron and other mystical creatures in the magic world in Harry Poter: Wizards Unite

Apart from everything that we've known so far, the trailer also revealed a new feature: the portals!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Officially Launched Fri
The portals will appear at various types of location

We can infer that these portals will appear randomly, and it will open the path for you to reach the magical mirrored world of our real life. Once you've entered the portal, you will be able to enter the Universal Studio's world and see various magical scenery that exists parallel to our world.

The experience seems a little bit similar to Minecraft Earth, but we still have to wait to find out.

It really looks like Minecraft Earth, except for not in pixels!
It really looks like Minecraft Earth, except for not in pixels!

Niantic also announced that the game's first event will take place in summer, so it's best to get the game as soon as possible. And hopefully, the development has carefully prepared for that, as previous Pokemon Go events are extremely crowded.

Harry Potter: Wizards United will come out this Friday. And if you're afraid of missing it, both Android and iOS users can pre-register for it on Google Play and Apple Store now!

Wanders no more!