Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the next big hit from Pokémon Go developer Niantic, has begun its global release with a soft-launch in New Zealand yesterday. According to Niantic, a beta version of the game is currently available in the country for both Android and iOS. The purpose of this beta test is to collect feedback from players, based on which the developer will polish the final release when it's ready.

Some footage from the game

Players in New Zealand who are eager to try out Wizards Unite should keep in mind that this is only a beta, and as a result, certain design, features, supported languages, and just the "overall appearance" are all subject to change. Niantic itself has warned that the product might sometimes be unstable and buggy, but the studio is looking forward to receiving feedback from testers to improve the experience.

Wizard Unite
You'll get to meet several notable characters from the Harry Potter universe

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you will take on the role of a member of Statute of Secrecy Task Force, and your task is to explore the real world, find the Foundables (important items or people of the wizarding world), and remove the Confoundable magic that is trapping them. While the game’s basic idea is quite similar to that of Pokemon Go, it also bears several resemblances to a more traditional RPG. There are several RPG elements such as skill trees or making potions, and the story is strongly emphasized as well.

Wizard Unite Rpg
Several RPG elements

Initially, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was scheduled to come out in 2018, but it was later delayed to this year. The game is currently up for pre-registration on Google Play, although right now there is no information as to when the completed game will be available for players from all around the world.

While you might still have a little longer to get your hands on Wizards Unite, another new Harry Potter game for mobile, Hogwarts Mystery, is already available.